Why did Afghan muslims get upset when the Quran was burned by the American soldiers?

Muslims believe the Quran is the words of Allah bound together as pages called a Mushaf.

Muslims love Allah, and we know that respect is Love in plainclothes.

Thus Muslims want to get closer to Allah, by loving Allah and when we love Allah the first rung of the ladder of love is respect……..

Muslims know that Shaytaan is made of Fire. Thus burning the words of Allah is strictly forbidden except if there are no other options left. (Which is rare and well defined)

The etiquette of the Quran comes from the Quran itself:

Allah gives us guidance in how to listen, recite and when not to touch it (without ablution of purification) and when to touch it and under what conditions.

Allah also gives us guidance as to when we say “good words” or recite them as when reciting the Quran (Allah’s words) we must follow them with a confirmation of good actions only then are the good words raised up to Him.

All this has to do with Accountability on the Day of Judgment, whence each person will be questioned as to his actions and awarded punishment or rewarded with entry into eternal bliss in Jannah.


Perhaps they had Dyslexia or did not pass their reading examination and thus could not read the Afghan (Somalia and Pakistan) law, which is quoted in Wikipedia: “Burning of the Quran is punishable by death”

Thousands of Afghan “cultural advisors” failed to advise the soldiers as to the Afghan law memorized by each Afghani as an inheritance (whether he can read or not) regarding the consequences of the act of burning or desecrating the Quran in any form shape and manner. Ten years in Afghanistan perhaps is not enough to learn the local faith and laws pertaining to it.

In summary Burning or desecrating the Quran brings the wrath of Allah upon the perpetrator because it is considered the highest form of insolence to the Creator by His insignificant subjects.  Allah sends his minor wrath in many forms: This may come now in the form of “natural disasters, famine, and degradation of the economic status, or it may be delayed till the Day of Judgment.

The statement of friendship to a muslim is that you respect what he  or she respects even if you do not believe in it, and vice versa.

Allah knows best.

For reviewing the recommended etiquette of handling the Quran :HERE is one reference which may be helpful.

The Etiquette of recitation of the Quran is summarized HERE


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