I was reminded today that the respect of the Quran has to start in our homes and masjeds before others can recognize that pattern.


Why did Afghan muslims get upset when the Quran was burned by the American soldiers?

Muslims believe the Quran is the words of Allah bound together as pages called a Mushaf.

Muslims love Allah, and we know that respect is Love in plainclothes.

Thus Muslims want to get closer to Allah, by loving Allah and when we love Allah the first rung of the ladder of love is respect……..

Muslims know that Shaytaan is made of Fire. Thus burning the words of Allah is strictly forbidden except if there are no other options left. (Which is rare and well defined)

The etiquette of the Quran comes from the Quran itself:

Allah gives us guidance in how to listen, recite and when not to touch it (without ablution of purification) and when to touch it and under what conditions.

Allah also gives us guidance as to when we say “good…

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