The National center against bullying in the US defines bullying as follows:

Bullying is an ongoing and deliberate misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical and/or social behavior that intends to cause physical, social and/or psychological harm. It can involve an individual or a group misusing their power, or perceived power, over one or more persons who feel unable to stop it from happening.

Let us dissect what is happening in France at this moment as a response to this event that has caused heart pain, saddened and enraged the Muslim world at the disrespect of Muhammad peace be upon him beloved to 1.5 billion muslims:

And labelling Islam and Muslims as terrorists has gone viral:


  1. France is and was a colonizer in North Africa, and that it still is comes from the fact that it still draws its wealth from N. Africa as a tax placed on it in lieu of leaving the colonies. (
  • The majority of immigrants in France are from the colonized parts of North Africa from several generations ago and are mainly comprised of those people from the countries of N Africa who supported the Algiers war in favor of France and against the revolutionaries, these people were given sanctuary in France by Charles De Gaulle
  • The immigrants who are from North Africa even two generations later are still at the lowest ladder of poverty, and live in ghettos. A few who have changed themselves into a secular copy of the French have risen on the economic ladder but are still not considered French in any and all respects.

This period also saw a significant wave of immigrants from Algeria. As the Algerian War started in 1954, there were already 200,000 Algerian immigrants in France.[14] However, because of the tension between the Algerians and the French, these immigrants were no longer welcome. This conflict between the two sides led to the Paris Massacre of 17 October 1961, when the police used force against an Algerian demonstration on the streets of Paris. After the war, after Algeria gained its independence, the free circulation between France and Algeria was once again allowed, and the number of Algerian immigrants started to increase drastically. From 1962 to 1975, the Algerian immigrant population increased from 350,000 to 700,000.[15] Many of these immigrants were known as the “harkis,” and the others were known as the “pieds-noirs.” The “harkis” were Algerians who supported the French during the Algerian War; once the war was over, they were deeply resented by other Algerians, and thus had to flee to France. The “pieds-noirs” were Europeans settlers who moved to Algeria, but migrated back to France since 1962 when Algeria declared independence”

  • Poverty, in a society hostile to religion especially Islam, and freedom of sexuality without responsibility has resulted in the poor having broken families, abuse due to poverty, lack of basic education, resulting in children being placed in foster homes by french social services because parents had no money which resulted in further abuse both physical and sexual  ( it is said that the perpetrators of the killings at Charlie Hebdo were brothers who were taken from their families due to poverty and given to a French nonimmigrant family which abused them physically and sexually because of which they ran away and ended up living on the streets at a very young age.

  • The French Society and Government seems to have continued to keep these immigrants in ghettos unlike the USA which absorbed its Italian, Irish and Jewish immigrants into mainstream society and some excelled in business, medicine and politics ( Kennedys). They also did not assist in absorbing and education the immigrants unlike Turkey which continues to provide and place the children of Syrian refugee immigrants in schools. They also did not follow the example of Pakistan that absorbed 5 million Afghan refugees despite its meagre resources. The French contained the Immigrants in small areas and disallowed them to rise in society due to lack of basic education and job opportunities equal and at par with the children of non-immigrant French individuals.
  • The disrespect of and insulting of the children of the immigrants who excelled in sports of academics were either discounted or insulted as in the instance of their star soccer player who won the World Cup for them.
  • They historically come from a generation which is hard hearted and callous to the  needs of the common people. It is well known about their Queen when told that the masses are protesting because they do not have bread she responded “ If they don’t have bread, then give them cake” Western history revisionists have been busy changing that fact.

Thus, does the model of the current insults to the Prophet Muhammad pbuh and leaders in the Muslim world qualify for “Bullying”?

A Bully usually works in a group or has the backing of a group or a strong man or woman who can come to their rescue.

Here are some presumptions from France as a bully:

They feel they can get away with insulting the most beloved figure of the Muslim world. Why?

Perhaps their reasoning may be based on the following:

  • The Muslim immigrants have no recourse as they have neither the money or the education to legally challenge this insult  and to protect their children from being exposed to such a traumatic experience i.e. taking the ground from under their feet.

They are unlike the Jews who were affluent and hid their wealth well at the time of Nazi Germany and were able to sue the Swiss banks for reparations and got them.(

  • The possibility of whipping up hatred in poor French public against the Muslim immigrants, giving energy to the evil instincts that lurks in people who may be weak in character. These people support the vindictiveness upon the Muslims even though they may have no personal reason for doing so.(bullying by definition)
  • The fear factor: This is a factor that has been used through out history: Hitler told the hungry jobless German youth that the Jews were taking their money, Trotsky and Lenin did the same, Mao did the same in China, The Burmese monks did the same to the Rohingyas stating that they were taking up food of their country and they were foreigners. (
  • They draw their wealth passively from Africa due to the taxes that they placed on the colonized lands which are still paying them as a punishment of losing the battles with them.
  • The silence of “Muslim” countries which do not want to displease the European Union and or are dependent on them for their income.

Here are some factors they have not taken into account:

  • When the most beloved leader of the Muslim world from time immemorial to the end of time is insulted repeatedly every heart beating in the Muslim world whether they are pious Muslims or laid-back Muslims or even bordering on secularism, a reaction of disgust, of the French civilization settles into the hearts of each Muslim
  • Every Muslim will respond differently some will speak of write against it while others will take the law in their hands and will punish the perpetrator of forcing this insult down the throats of Muslim school children in France  such as the young man who beheaded the teacher who took this action in a way that it would strike fear in the hearts of the perpetrators for all times to come, For many he will he will go down as a hero and become a legend and for some perhaps even earn the status of Shaheed.
  • One thing that the French did not take into account was what it did to the status of France in the Global eye. This act of condemning Islam and Muslims and persisting in bullying Muslims and forcing Muslim children to watch the insult of their most beloved persona has stripped France as a civilized country in the eyes of the civilizes world.  All nations of the world both vocal and the silent are stunned in shock at the bestial insult of the most beloved Prophet peace and blessings are upon him, and world leaders who are beloved in the Muslim world by a small inconsequential country like France calling names to the Islam and its followers, It is reminiscent of the Kuffar of Mecca at the time of the Prophet peace and blessings are upon him, whereupon Allah has said many times in the Quran as follows:
  • The French do not understand the concept of Ummah as it is still something foreign to them.
  • What the French extreme right is most afraid of is what is quoted here by a news analyst: (personal transmission)

“It is true that a segment of French Muslims has been reduced to the status of lumpen proletariat. Many have fallen into drugs and other behavior that has destroyed their souls. However, there is a subset among them who touched moral bottom, and when they were drowning in their despair Allah threw them the rope of Islam. So now they cling to this rope with the fierceness of one hanging over a pit of fire. These are the ones that France wants to eliminate, as they have the fire of Islam in their hearts, but they also have the wits needed to navigate the mean streets of the French underworld.

For the enemies of the Prophet

One wonders what will come out of this as France has drawn the line in the sand with France on one side and it has deliberately placed the 1.2 billion Muslims on the other side by saying vile things about Islam and the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him, while wearing the official hat of the French ruling powers.

Only time will tell!


  1. Hi there, I reached this page searching about bullying.

    It seems to me that according to the definition of bullying you reported at the of the top of page, it’s muslims around the world which are now bullying France, not the contrary!

    They burn the France flag, isn’t it the same to insulting Mohamed (PBUH)???

    It seems to me that according to you, both France (by backing the cartoons) and muslims are bullying each other, but since there are more muslims than French in the world, to me it’s muslims that are bullying the French minority.

    By the way, what do you have to say about these French muslim immigrants??? , Moroccan, muslim, Minister of Education , mixed Moroccan Algerian (born in France), muslim, Miniser of Justice


    • Hello Andrea, I am glad you read the article and the references and are concerned about the state of affairs in France and the backlash it is facing from the World with very few exceptions. As you are aware nothing happens in a void, France unlike the US has treated its muslim minorities with utmost contempt.and has continued to strip their rights starting with the weakest ie the muslim women.
      What your are mentioning regarding what is happening in the streets of the muslim world with burning of the french flag and boycott of french goods is an emotional response to the act of attempts to dishonor our Prophet peace be upon him, who is beloved to all. This is being done publicly with Government endorsement.
      You have quoted two lawmakers of muslim origin. My question to you is: have they spoken against the dishonoring of the Prophet pbuh whose respect and love is at the core of every muslim alive, and its endorsement by the French President?
      The French authorities have bullied muslim women for wearing clothes to cover their bodies as opposed to being scantily dressed which is an immodest approach to society and an infringement on the right of a french woman to wear what she likes. Have these two “muslim” women in politics stood up for the rights of these muslim women?
      The two french women of muslim descent are a classical example of colonization where they had to loose heir muslim identity to rise in the ladder of French politics. I actually feel sorry and sad for them that they had to renege on their rich culture and faith for them to rise in french society;,
      the one who had a baby out of wedlock and the father refused to acknowledge the child who will grow up without a father. How tragic is that!

      Every muslim is shocked at the endorsement of the French Presidents endorsement of insulting our Prophet pbuh and branding Islam as a “global crisis religion” How irresponsible is that? He shows a lack of political sensitivity and international savvy. He is not defending the french muslims even though they have been french for three generations.
      You need to look at the history fo France as to what it has done to Africa in its plunder and pillage which still goes on. The French live in luxury not because of the resources of their own country but that of Africa.
      I will quote a French intern that I met in Europe, she said,” I do not want to have anything to do with those who treat minorities with cruelty” that is from the lips of an 18 year old blonde French intern.
      We need more like her!


      • Dear asqfish I make it very simple. You are saying “starting with the weakest ie the muslim women”.

        You are discriminating muslim women, by saying they are the “weakest”, you are bullying muslim women. So you are making the same thing of who you are blaiming.

        I say: muslim women are the strongest!


      • Hi Andrea, Thank you for reading and responding, I see your concern, i also see that you support muslim women. If you are in France or Europe please write a letter to the French President to allow muslim women to wear what they like when they like and stop dictating clothes and couture. That would be the best thing you can do to empower the women of France and in Europe generally. Thank you!


  2. May Allah guide us to do the best….to follow the Sunnah and His Commands…to again regain our dignity ,as did our prior predecessors.🤲


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