What is a Pakistani?

Lahore man reading Quran in the rain……Courtesy Boston Globe

Pakistan turned 65 today still standing strong in the face of everything thrown its way;

What is a Pakistani?

  • We like imported stuff
  • We criticize others freely
  • We are very hospitable and would offer you tea even if the pantry is empty
  • We are politically very well versed in world politics but not in our own
  • We are Passionate people whose passions swing like the pendulum of the clock
  • We are very flexible, we can do any job without much training especially overseas
  • We are always late, unless we are a servant or working for a white master
  • We are racists when it comes to choosing a spouse for our son, we want all white or at least look alike to a whitey but the morals of a good muslim
  • We are serious in private but light hearted with friends.
  • We never stop long enough to be depressed.
  • We have adapted to western values
  • We love Disney
  • We have a love hate relationship with most of our neighboring countries.
  • We are deeply patriotic.
  • We want to get rich fast, so we send our children overseas to earn for us and then pine for them.
  • We are arrogant and proud of it
  • We are secretly stauch muslims but if you looked at us there is nothing to show in our appearance as such.
  • We love to look down our noses at other provinces (the one that we do not belong to)
  • We are basically very just people at heart , but try to be cynical about it
  • We criticize with humor
  • We love to let our women either show a lot of skin or none at all
  • We revere Mecca, the Kaaba and our Prophet pbuh
  • We would fight for the honor of our Prophet pbuh but not for the honor of our women
  • We say what we “do not do” and do what “we do not say”
  • We are still stuck in the “coconut “ model, white on the inside, brown on the outside.
  • We show our superiority by putting other people down (most of the time)
  • We feel we will always be Free
  • We do not want to change and do not like people who change and become “fundoos”
  • We are very rich, very poor and then all of those in between who pretend to be something they are not.
  • We love each other no matter where in the world we are
  • We may say we are agnostic, areligious but at the end of the day we ask Allah to forgive us and ask Him to give us more:)


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