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Pakistani muslims have historically revered education and have struggled to attain ILM where ever it may be found.

I n accordance with the commandment in the Hadith to “learn Ilm”  Prophet Muhammad PBUH said and I paraphrase ” ILM is a lost inheritance of the muslim, when a muslim finds it, it is his and he should take it” and also:

“Learn ILM even if you have to go to China” Which was a very far point from Arabia.

Pakistani muslims have striven to learn where ever they could and in all circumstances and all over the globe. They are avid learners no matter where ever they may be.

Here is some history of Muslim learning in what is  Pakistan today in the Muslim parts of the British Empire in India: (Courtesy KQ, with thanks!)

Children study in a Government primary school or Madrassah 1890

and in Lahore………

Punjab Public Library, Lahore, 1870

DUA: May Allah Subhanawataala continue to put the love of learning in the hearts of His ebaad in Pakistan and all over the world!


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