Most families are joined by blood, culture or marriage. In todays world a new family system is being forged which knows no geographic boundaries and crosses into all cultures and faiths.

It is the family of the oppressed.

Honoring Mohamed Bouazizi of Tunisia who set himself on fire to protest police brutality and set off the storm across the Middle East: Courtesy

Honoring Mohamed Bouazizi graduate student turned fruit seller of Tunisia who set himself on fire to protest police brutality:Courtesy:

All over the world, people live in secret fear of the overlord that may be in the persona of their Government rulers, terrorists, foreign forces, bandits secret police of their own nation or their bosses at work or school. Gone are the days when the fear was related to criminals or bandit breaking in or robbing you. Now the oppression comes from a new class of power.

All over the world, the ability to compress a human being is being tested. How much pressure can you bear before you explode or implode.

The explosion comes as the first stone of the Intifada from the weak and impoverished children of Jerusalem at the powerful oppressor that has usurped their dignity their ability to earn their daily bread, their freedom to pray in the House of God, home to all the monotheistic faiths: The Al Aqsa.

Mourning Mohamed Boazzi of Tunisia: Courtesy:

Implosion comes from a college graduate desperate enough to turn fruit seller in Tunisia who sets fire to himself unable to take the prolonged and continuously increasing oppression from his cruel police.

What has happened to forge this new family?

Allah Subhanawataala has opened the airwaves for the messages of hope and istiqamah in the face of oppression. On these airwaves you hear and see other people being oppressed by the enemy within or the brutal forces without, and two reactions occur:

1.    Either fear or grief overrules your persona and you shrivel into a ball of depression forgetting that Allah Subhanawataala has written our Qadir and Qadaa and has promised us our sustenance and fixed the day we die.

2.    Suddenly you are empowered you are now a part of a large family the members of which are being oppressed by powerful non Divine forces all over the world and you either withdraw and distance yourself from them and pretend that they are not your family or you embrace them and throw off the cape of fear and grief and enter the fire to be cleansed. Some die in it and some survive and arise out of it like the Phoenix.

The formation of this global family of the oppressed is comprised of a million fine particles of powder which individually bring sparks of light to the world but when these join together and are oppressed and compressed this family becomes a powder keg.

The line of fire has been set; it is snaking towards a detonation with a will and determination. Starting with the fruit seller in Tunisia, going on to Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Bahrain.

While at home the Muslim Americans also bear the brunt of oppression as the not so secret police breaks open their doors and arrests them on “lying to a federal agent” flings them into prison and throw away the key, while most of the time the justice system looks the other way.

Never the less no matter what the circumstances of oppression, severe or mild, a family is being forged in no other way as it has been in the past. Today the oppressed of the world are primarily Muslims and the powder keg has been lighted in the Arab world, there is no stopping the snaking line on fire that is rapidly and surely approaching its destination.

There is nothing more comforting for the oppressed than to know that there is a family out there that empathizes, and prays for you even though they may be powerless to do anything……….yet.

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