A dolphin swims along as I walk along the beach, both of us inDhikr

In active Dhikr and Shukr in the waves:)

In morning Dhikr while watching me

He came out for the pre-maghrib Dhikr and left after Maghrib

He came out for evening Dhikr only before Maghrib

Again and again the waves prostrate on the sand in Dhikr

Deer on the ocean, praying for Shifa of their young ones

6 thoughts on “WHO IS IN DHIKR?

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  2. Beautiful….True Animals do Dikr as human does and i feel they are much better than us …. They do remember Allah pak in every state while we just call him at the time of worries and trouble….

    Allah pak may guide us to the right path….Ameen


  3. Asalaam o alaikum Sister Noor,
    You can go to the upper right hand of the blog where it says email subscription and click on “Sign me up” and follow instructions. Thus you will be notified by email whenever a new post appears:)
    Ramadan Mubarak!


  4. Elizabeth,
    On a lovely evening at your place, this strange bug came out on your deck just before Maghrib (sunset) and everyone was photographing him and the sunset on the river……
    The kitty belongs to Shireen and joined me in morning Dhikr, with me on the prayer rug, she in the comfort of my bed:)


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