2 thoughts on “SALAAT AL TASBEEH

  1. Walaikun asalaam,
    I am aware of the discussion regarding the authenticity of the hadith regarding salaat al Tasbeeh.
    As far as I can tell in reviewing the hadith regarding Salaat al Tasbeeh, the authenticity has outweighed the objections.
    Thus I have prayed salaat al Tasbeeh in the Masjed Nabvi with great peace and it brought me great solace.
    Allah knows best!


  2. Assallamu alaikum sister Asma,,

    I was wondering about the authenticity of the hadith about the tasbeeh prayer and tasbeeh prayer itself. I heard from some of the Imams that there is no proof prophet SAW ever did it.
    Please check about that.
    May Allah SWT keep all of us in the straight path, aameen.


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