Al Yameen…………..

IMG_6307I am disoriented, finding myself in a place where the signs of Allah Subhanawataala rule and are unsubjugated by human touch……….mostly.

I am in a remote island in Belize at the Blue reef where within a stones throw lie the worlds most beautiful untouched coral in the world.

Allah subhanwataala must have made it for the pleasure of his creation reminding them of his many bounties and his fathomless mercy. Then he added the most gentle and ungreedy people in the world to host this land………

Fajr comes around a little after three am, reminding me of Mecca and Medina, but that is where the similarity ends, perhaps the white sand may resemble the trek from jeddah to Mecca but barely.

After Ishraaq, I start my morning walk along the water,  shimmering in the early sun with the colors of blue and turquoise that have not been mentioned in the english language. As I walk on this small sandy path, cleared for walkers , far away from the protected resort where I am staying, I look to my right…………………


Separating me from the glory of the ocean in all it clarity and purity,the water in every hue of blue, green and turquoise, in the base of the coconut trees, lies the result of careless, ignorant and ghafil human hands.

Al Yameen………to get the book in my right hand……al yameen, what all do I have to do,…the ocean has brought the trash and treasures from far and wide and deposited it at the shore, separating me from the beauty of Allah Subhanwataala’s pristine ocean, and reminding me that my actions far away affect the entire world, even one as remote and pristine as this one.

I look carefully, this time not to point the finger but to remind myself………what not to use such that it lands in my trash bin, travels thousands of miles and litter this pristine place irrevocably as it is not degradable.

Between me and the ocean on my right are empty bottles of water, of coca cola, of juices, empty bottles of “natural shampooss” probably used by environmentally aware friends across the globe, and empty plastic canisters of detergent and engine oil, that have born the onlaught of time and distance but have survived, because of their non degradable content.

I am keenly aware that I need to change how I buy stuff, how much I buy and how and where I throw it away………….how am I going to do that?  for if I do not, isnt  it the lack of those actions that are a wall between me and the book given to me in my right hand, my al yameen………………so help me devise a plan of life………..can you?

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