Quran 47: 31 We shall try you till We know those of you who strive hard and are patient and steadfast. We will test your record of deeds.

Afflictions and difficulties are meant for us to reflect upon our life, take heed and correct our direction towards better knowledge of His signs and will.

Quran 23: 75 And if we bestowed mercy on them and relieved them of the harm afflicting them, they would persist in their obstinacy, wandering blindly on.

Afflictions are a part of His mercy, which is recognized by those who trust and reflect with insight.

Quran 10:21 And when we cause people to taste mercy after some adversity which afflicted them, they plot against Our Signs. Say, “ Allah is quicker in plotting, Surely, Our messengers write down what you plot”.

Arrogance and the illusions of independence in this world will only increase the darkness and veils for those who are misguided.

Quran 7:156 He said. “As for my punishment, I strike with it whomsoever I will and my mercy extends to all things, I will prescribe it for those who have cautious awareness (taqwa) purify by alms (zakat) and believe in Our clear Signs.

The sincere seekers will constantly ask for and desire His mercy and act selflessly and with constant caution and awareness (taqwa).

Those who are cautious, aware and patient will be guided through conflict and confusion towards knowledge and trustful submission.

Excerpted from “The Quranic Prescription for Life” Compiled by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

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