What does Palmyra have to do with Khuoof-e- Awlady?

Baby camel

I am driving through the desert, sparkling white in the morning sun. I am listening to the music from an mp4.
I ask my guide to translate this song. It has been sung for Jerusalem and seems to be about children. I try to use my urdu to decipher the individual arabic words, as the heartrending voice of Julia pours into my ears……….a message from all mothers or perhaps all parents, who are fraught with anxiety, fear, desire to protect their children but are finally helpless and submit …….to the cruel forces of time, greed and power.
I can feel what would arise from the depths of the soul of a parent who is in constant fear of harm to her child. In between the lines of the song is a prayer embedded in the heart of every mother as she sees her child thrown to the lions of greed and power dressed in the uniforms of warlords and adorned with the medals of patriotism.
The rough translation of the first stanza of the song is:

I fear for my children
In those fearful days (and)
For my land and my dreams.

I don’t know where I am going
And when will I arrive.
The eye does not sleep
Nor does the heart

Julia Boutros, Lebanon

As the desert in all its purity unravels in front of my eyes and I see the pristine buttery white pillars of Palmyra, little do I know that what is happening in Palestine has happened here, many centuries ago. Neither the opressor nor the opressed remain.
Only when I walk through the avenue flanked by the pillars and my guide tells me the story of the mother and queen, poignant, in his soft, haltingly measured English, does the true meaning of the song sink into me.

Do you know the story of Queen Zenobia? Check out my guides version on the next post inshallah!

8 thoughts on “What does Palmyra have to do with Khuoof-e- Awlady?

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  2. A powerful song and message, made more poignant by your words. Inshallah, the day will come when fences and barbed wire are a thing of the past, and children can play across the world in safety and joy, and mothers can sleep in peace. Ameen.

    Ya Haqq!


  3. Actually the song came first and then the story unfolded and reminded me that in the end nothing lasts for ever except the Creator.
    It also reminded me that if a civilization is the Opressor and disobedient to Allah, it is eventually destroyed and replaced by a new civilization. This is Allah’s warning in the Quran.
    Allah kows best.


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  5. Aslaaamo Alaikum, Why are we programmed to honor our fellow human beings by national borders rather than by the umbrella of our Ummah?

    The helplessness of a parent truly brings us into the submission of the Almighty. The biggest comfort we have is that He (SWT) is a better caretaker of our loved ones than we can ever be.
    May Allah give you and all the helpless parents peace and comfort in their hearts and the knowledge that He (SWT) protects what we are unable to.


  6. The only war that I have lived through was the liberaton war of Bangladesh. I was only 13years at that time. We were three small brothers and I remember the constant fear in the face of my parents. Once we were threatened by a Pakistani paramilitary with a loaded rifle because our car got stalled in the road. I remember the pleading of my father and the silent tears in my mother;s eyes. But that was nothing compared to seeing my own 20 year old son in ventillator in ICU and seeing him gradually loose the grip on life. The feeling of hopelesness and the glitter of hope combined togethar to make you a person completly devastated and reduced to dust. The constant throbbing of the ventillator and the shrill cry of the alarms with my eyes glued to the monitor memorising every reading………….


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