photo-26 The sea of Petunias

It is raining gently and today is my father’s birthday………He never celebrated it and I would not have remembered it if my brother had not sent me a note outlining his life in three paragraphs. Suddenly many of my personal milestones fell into place.

Here is a paragraph from his note:

Abijan was born today, exactly 100 years ago in Jullandhar East Punjab, May 5, 1913. He graduated from King Edward Medical College, Lahore in 1936 with many honors and gold medals in several subjects. He served in many districts of undivided Punjab including, remote areas such as Dera Ghazi Khan………

My father was a physician and in all things his patients came first. That was of course a point of contention as his family came second, but as I look around myself and at my physician colleagues that is the norm of all conscientious…

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