On this Laylatul Baraah though I am in Istanbul but the blessing of going to the mosque has been with held by the Almighty


IMG_5428 The minarets of the Blue mosque are lit up and reflect in the Bosphorus

I am back on my balcony and looking out at the Bosporus, where the minarets of the Blue mosque are decorated with lights. The air is crisp, clean and laden with promise, as the night is still young. What has happened in the last few hours is surreal and already seems like a dream.

When one prays, and fasts and remembers the Divine, the expectation of a gift is never immediate, but tonight all records were broken.

It is still the night of the 15 of Shabaan, the night of Berat , Shab e Baraat or a Kandeel night as the Turks call it. It is a night on which ones past actions are accounted for and ones fate is written for the recent future. It was on such a night fourteen years ago when the…

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