19.  Um Ḥarām’s Date with Destiny

Um Ḥarām b. Malḥān (rA) heard the Messenger of Allah ﷺ say, “The first army from my nation to ride the sea have guaranteed themselves [Paradise].” Um Ḥarām said, “O Messenger of Allah, will I be among them?” He said, “You will be among them.” Later, he ﷺ said, “The first army from my nation to march in battle to the City of Caesar (Constantinople) will be forgiven.” She said, “Will I be among them, O Messenger of Allah?” He said, “No.”[35] During the reign of Mu‘āwiya (rA), Um Ḥarām b. Malḥān rode in the first Muslim naval fleet, accompanying her husband, and died upon falling off her mount in enemy lands.[36] Imam aṭ-Ṭabarāni and others report that the whereabouts of her gravesite on Cyprus Island were known.[37] Ibn Ḥajar said, “This contains multiple prophecies by the Prophet ﷺ of what would take place, and it all occurred just as he said, and hence is considered among the signs of his prophethood. Of them is that his nation would remain after him, and that among them are those who would be strong, formidable, and a consequential force against the enemy, and that they would conquer territories until the army rides the sea, and that Um Ḥarām would live until that time, and that she would be with that army who rides the sea, and that she would not live to see the second military campaign [to Constantinople].”[38]


The Hala Sultan Maqam and mosque or Tekke as it is called by the Greeks is situated in Larnaca, Cyprus

The Hala Sultan Tekke sits at the banks of a Salt lake.

THE LEGEND OF THE SALT LAKE (recounted by the Cypriat Driver)

Once upon a time a man bought the land around the Hala Sultan Tekke. He was an atheist and decided to plant grapes for wine making as the land around the Tekke was very fertile.

His muslim neighbor advised him not to do so as Hala Sultan was a Companion of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh and highly respected. Wine is forbidden in Islam and it would be extremely disrespectful to grow wine grapes right next to her Maqam.

The Atheist rich man ignored his neighbors advice and planted grape plants which grew beautifully and produced massive amounts of grapes. The day the grapes were to be harvested and crushed into wine, the man was awakened by the laborers who were to assist him.

Lo and Behold the Sea had come in and the salt in it had killed the grape plants and soured the grapes which were to be made into wine.

Such is the wisdom in the action of Allah, who protects the Awliyas in life and in death.

end legend.


The pink Salt lake around the Hala Sultan Tekke, Larnaca, Cyprus

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