The moon over the Bosphorus, lighting the way from the Blue mosque to Uskudar


A soft silvery light fills the living room and brightens a swath over the still waters of the Bosphorus which is undisturbed by the cleaving of boats and ships which will soon begin and go on all day.

The moonlight illuminates a path on the water with its silver light as if lighting a highway for the night angels to ascend to the heavens having stood guard all night by the pillows of the sleeping children.

Somewhere far away across the pond my grandchildren sleep with the angels guarding them from nightmares, knowing that the prayers of their grandmother are being carried across to be delivered by the night angels.

The brilliantly lit spires of the Blue Mosque, the Yeni mosque, and The Sulaymaniyah mosque have banners hung like gold beaded necklaces proclaiming “Welcome Sultan of the eleven months”

Ramadan is in full swinging in Istanbul, even the music from the café near the water is muted and the seats are empty. Hard core smokers are struggling to fast and give up the cigarettes at least for the 14-hour fast, and succeeding.

The road hugging the coast line of Istanbul is quiet, nary a car or taxi passes.

As I take the last few sips of tea standing in the balcony , the soft cool breeze touches me on the cheek with a kiss from the Bosphorus, “Hosgeldiniz yabanci” saying “welcome foreigner”.

The sweet, melodious and compelling sound of the adhaans begin somewhere far way across the water and as they gather strength the call is carried across the Bosphorus like a symphony on sails.

As if on cue the adhaan from the mosque next door begins as an answer, and I know it is time to get ready for Fajr salah.

Another serene fajr in Ramadan is opening its arms to the incoming light.


The moon blushes in the morning light as it dips behind the Blue mosque and the Aya Sophia


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