The City of Light: Medina Munawarrah

These are my reflections on my recent notes and references from my class in Islamic studies in Istanbul , Turkey. These are regarding the Ahl el Bayt and their relationship to the Ummah.

Please forgive my errors and add any references or additions in the comment section.


The last couple of days have highlighted the commandments of our dearly beloved Prophet Mohammad SAW regarding whom to love and why especially pertaining to his family.

We know that  Prophet Muhammad PBUH does not say or do anything which Allah has not commanded of him, once this fact has sunk in all else becomes easy.

With whom do we want to spend eternity that is the question that has been answered by our dearly beloved Prophet SAW in a conversation with a companion  who asked him and I paraphrase” “ Ya RasoolAllah who will I be with in Akhirah?” and he SAW replied “ You will be with the ones you love”

He also has given us a key of how we can be with him PBUH:

 He said” RA said: “Who has hub love (deed of the Qalb) for these two ( Hasan and Husain) and their mother ( Fatima) and father (Ali) will be with me in the station on the Day of Resurrection “.

We are commanded in the Quran to obey Allah and His Rasool. However in the practice of our Deen RasulAllah SAW teaches us to love each other tempering the quantity and quality by what the relationship engenders eg parents vs your fellow muslims etc.

He PBUH instructs us to love his ahl bayt defined as his household including his wives, his daughter Syedituna Fatima RA,  Syeda Ali RA and their children Hasan RA and Husain RA

Can we love someone on command? The answer is yes if the command to love is attached to the fear of the loss of love, eg you try to love your mother in law because you want to win or keep the love of your spouse. Thus you love all those that Allah and His Rasool love irrespective of your own biases and sectarian doubts.

 HOW TO BEGIN? Respect is love in plain clothes so in life 101 we begin with respect, we respect our elders, our parents, our relatives, our teachers and so on, eventhough some of whom easily engender love in our hearts, some don’t.


Love is an act of the heart and depends on the terrain of the heart.

Allah SWT describes various states of the heart in the Quran which may or may not be conducive to love.

  1. Allah Subhanawataala describes the “qasad Quloob” or the hard heart which does not feel compassion and thus no love. In my observation the hardness of the heart is a learned phenomenon: when one watches or experiences extreme violence, there are three options for survival:
    1. One is one is shattered and has a nervous breakdown or develops PTSD
    2. second one becomes hardened and no longer feels emotions which also bar him or her from love and
    3. the third which was demonstrated by our dearly beloved Prophet SAW in which one is pre fortified with a strong emaan, a strong sense of Qadaa wal Qadar and a large reserve of Tawakkul. Allah which allowed him SAW to bear with resilience the extreme punishments both physical and emotional meted out to his loved ones, his friends, followers and his relatives by the Quraish of Mecca in the initial periods of bringing the message of Allah to the desert dwellers of Mecca.

It is the heart strengthened by emaan which allows one to feel compassion, reverence and unconditional love.

  1. Allah Subhanawataala also describes in the Quran the hearts that tremble when the word of Allah is recited, these are the hearts that are filled with love, awe and fear of Allah all at the same time and are in a state which is indescribable and unattainable with the terrain of the intellilect or the guides of logic. It is a state that is bestowed rather than learned or earned.
  2. Allah Subhanawataala also describes the hearts that have a disease particularly of hypocrisy which is a complex phenomenon which restricts love and adoration to an attachement of greed and acquisition.


In the last few days we have heard the ahadith and sayings of our dearly beloved Prophet SAW regarding his love for his daughter Syedutuna Fatima RA , and his son in law and companion Ali RA  as well as his grandchildren Hasan RA and Husain RA.

He SWT has both enticed us and warned us of the consequences of loving those whom he loves as well as shunning those whom he loves.

Rasool Allah SWT says “ RA said (related by Ibn Maja and others) “ Who has hub love for Hasan and Hussein has hub love for me and who ever despises them, despises me”.

He also said:

RA looked at  the four, his daughter Syedtuna Fatima, Syedna Ali, Hasan and Husain RA and gathered t All four and said “ I am war against those who are at war with you and I am at peace with you who are at peace with you”

related by Tabarani, Hakim and others


In the Quran we are asked to treat ie love our brother as we love ourselves and want for him what we would want for ourselves, this is a conscious act to practice to develop love for those whom we may not “like” or who may not be like us. It opens and enlarges the terrain of our heart to practice unconditional love which may eventually  allow us to gallop through the terrains of the heart with emaan in hand so as to reach our ultimate goal of Loving Allah by loving his creatures.

Love wears rose colored glasses and life is beautiful through them. Allah wants us to look at the beauty of life and wants to give us this beauty and more eternally.

Thus we must first learn to practice love beginning with reverence and respect of our dearly beloved Prophet, SAW and the ahal al bayt and then graduate to true sincere love transforming the terrains of our hearts to dwell eternally in the love of Allah Subhanawataala

Dua: Allahhumma inni asaluka Hubba ka wa Hubba man yanfaooni hubbahu indak

Allahhumma ma razaktani mimma uhib

Fajalahu le quwattun fi ma tuhhib

Allah humma ma zawaita anni mimma uhib

Fajaalahu li faraghan fi matuhib


O Allah I implore you for your love and the love of one whose love benefits me with you.

O Allah whatever you have bestowed upon me of what I love

Make it for me strength in What You love.

O Allah whatever you withhold from me of what I love

Make it free energy ( time) for me in what you Love.


Please forgive any mistakes as they are from me and all good is from Allah Subhanawataala.


7 thoughts on “WHOM DO WE LOVE AND WHY? 

  1. Islam is not a family limited company. It has to do with Allah his Prophet (saww) and then his pious companions. The only condition is of obedience to Allah and His Prophet (saww) and love for him.

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    • Salaams! We are scientists and researchers and require evidence and proof of what we accept don’t we? Well the citations in this article and this is only the tip fo the mountain of evidence are from the Quran, authentic hadith and well accepted by all mainstream Ulema of all beliefs and sects. JazaikAllah hu Khairan mau the evidence help you as it has helped me. Ameen.


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