It is past midnight when I reach Georgia It has been a long flight across the Atlantic, though filled with barakah of ease, sleep, a turkish kitty and a beautiful movie on the “music of silence”. A turkish woman sits next to me who is taking a small beautiful grey cat to her grandchildren in America.

It is close to one am when I enter the quiet of the house which welcomes me. Everything is pristine, the plants are alive and healthy, bills have been paid and mail stacked for me to review.

My dear responsible and lovely daughter’s hands are evident everywhere. Thank you Allah for giving me such a beautiful, responsible and pure hearted daughter may she have ease and purity in this world and the next.

The garage is filled with outdoor furniture protected from the multiple storms and hurricane that visited Georgia and my home while I was gone. I see the gentle but strong hands of my son in law making trips from the front patio and back deck, stacking the furniture carefully in the garage, with precision the same way he organizes his electronics: with loving care.

Outside the huge hundred year oak was struck by lightning and split in two and is now gone, its empty spot will always be felt.IMG_0647

I step into the dining/breakfast area and pull out my phone and attach it to the charger and suddenly as if on cue the programmed surah that I am memorizing for Hifz class fills my home with the melodious sound of Mishary Al Afasy reciting Surah Al Baiyanah. Allah promising the evergreen gardens and ease in Jannah to the believers rings true.


I look at my watch, it is 8.30 am in Istanbul and my classmates are reciting their hifz to the Sheikh.


At 9 am sharp the vacuum cleaners come out and the mosque cleaning crew ( May Allah bless them all)  begin to clean every centimeter of the mosque.

The rest of us continue to memorize our assignment and the sound of the vacuum cleaners recede into the background while Allah’s words rule supreme.

I am caught in a déjà vu across the Atlantic.

I am speechless while Surah Baiyannah flows out of my phone and am deeply grateful to Allah for sending me love in so many ways from so many people and the beautiful welcome home.

A student finds a spot to  memorizes the Quran in Valide Atik while other students recite to the Sheikh, A shaft of light illuminates him and the Mushaf:

Dua: May Allah place the Quran in the hearts of all my friends, family and countrymen and women. Ameen.


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