SAMT: DISCIPLINING THE TONGUE :Training for Tazkiyah Tun Nafs

Today we studied the sacred texts on this topic


The rushing water talks while we remain silent…….

Samt means rest for the tongue, and then the wise use of it, as Allah wants us to use it not as our Nafs dictates its use

Samt does not mean the silence used by the monks or the Hindu worshippers.

Samt is a cog in the wheel that drives the cycle of Tazkiya.

Beneficial use of the tongue requires self-discipline in the processing of the thoughts that precede the words that escape the lips.

Speech reflects the quality and wholeness of the Qalb (spiritual heart).


  1. The speech of the sick Qalb will delve in the haram and makrooh aspects of expression.
  2. Verbal diarrhea is bound to be littered with undesirable content
  3. A diseased heart will be reflected in its speech.


The cure as taught by those who have mastered this is:

To restrain the…

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