Unraveling Heya (modesty)………….

Todays class was on Heya and I was reminded of this post :


I am a FOB( fresh off the boat) and starting my internship in Pediatrics in New England.  As a pediatric intern one of my duties is to “catch” the baby at Caesarian delivery and resuscitate it if needed.

This entails getting dressed in scrubs, with gown and mask.

I am doing my well baby Nursery rotation at one of the seven hospitals that I rotate through. This one is new to me and I am looking for the dressing rooms. I see two doors, one says “Nurses” and the other says “Doctors” I go into the one that says “Doctors” and pull on the scrub pants and shirt, stuff my pocket with my beeper, pen, the pediatric resuscitation dose card and show up at the OR (operating Room). The baby comes and is far more slippery than I remember.

On my third visit to the OR and the dressing rooms…

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3 thoughts on “Unraveling Heya (modesty)………….

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  2. This was very difficult to read. More so, because it was very much like a reflection of who we have become and the world we live in. Our modern education has indeed insulated us to the influence of the West in our dress, manners, speech, personal and public interactions and yet, we hypocritically complain about the deviance in our social moral values while continuing to condone, celebrate and encourage that influence. It scares me at times to realise that we now embody so many traits of the hypocrite and munafiq as found in the Quran and Sunnah… May Allah protect us and grant us heya in intention, in sight, in tongue, in sense, in thought and emotion and in action. aameen.


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