DUA : Invoking the Divine for comprehensive blessings


Salaams! This Dua given below is part of the morning evening adhkaar and encompasses the asking of all that is good and protection from all evil:


Adhkar Dua for morning/evening (Wird Latif) TRANSLATION Courtesy of Armaan

Oh Allah I ask forgiveness, peace, serenity and correcting all mistakes in my religious affairs and my worldly affairs, and in my family’s affairs and my wealth and livelihood

Oh Allah, conceal my private affairs and protect me from my worries and bring peace/security in the story of my life

Oh Allah, gather me in your protection from what [harm] approaches me head on, and from behind me and from the right of me and left of me and in front of me and I seek refuge in your Greatness from a harm that overtakes me from below


2 thoughts on “DUA : Invoking the Divine for comprehensive blessings

  1. Learnt something new..JazakAllah for sharing this Beautiful lecture …v difficult times for raising kids..only Allah alone can help

    • Ayesha, Salaams! Allah is helping you, mashallah your children will inshallah grow up to be righteous members of society. may Allah protect them and you and your family.

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