Late afternoon light over the Bosphorus, outlining the Blue mosque and the Aya Sophia

Inspired by the class on the Meccan Surah Ad Doha by Sheikh Mokhtar Magraoui in Uskudar, Turkey.

There is nothing more devastating to the internal terrain of the soul than the sense of abandonment. It is a deeply seated emotion that drives the body and soul to the five Ds: Despair, Desolation, Depression, Devastation and ultimate Darkness.

Its introduction to the human being is at birth when the baby is expelled from the security of the womb into the cold, unfeeling world. The touch of the mothers skin, the nourishment of her milk and the natural love that flows from her to the child only drive it out. The security of what the mother offers the baby is secondarily layered by the security of the father given to the mother and baby.

Not everyone is so fortunate as to have one or both parents to receive the love and reassurance to drive out the feeling of abandonment. Such was the fate of our gentle prophet peace and blessing be upon him.

He was born after his father died and his mother passed away in early childhood, leaving him an orphan in a society where the matriarchal power came from the father’s tribe and his presence and stature in it.

Then came the revelation to the gentle Prophet in his adulthood propelling him from a mere orphan that grew up in the home of his relatives, to the chosen one of the Divine.

After he presented the message openly to the upper echelons of the most powerful tribes of Mecca, an onslaught of unvarnished retribution of his act of challenging the norms of the pagan society was rained upon him.

With the open declaration of One God in Mecca the unleashed cruelty of the Quraish and the pagan tribes made life emotionally and physically painful for all the Muslims in general and the gentle Prophet pbuh. In particular.

In the midst of this onslaught of hate and emotional and physical abuse, suddenly the revelation paused and no word came from Allah.

It is then that the emotional abuse went into full throttle against the Muslims in general and the gentle Prophet pbuh in particular.

It hurts most when your own relatives and people who claimed to be your friends belittle you and denigrate you during your weakest moments.

When the revelation paused the steady stream of strength and guidance of Allah’s word ceased and with it ceased the tremendous strength and empowerment it gave to the gentle Prophet to go forth through all the adversity thrown at him, physically and emotionally.

In the sarcasm and gibes of the Quraish there stood out the kernel of truth i.e. the revelation seemed to have stopped without notice.

They told the gentle Prophet that His God had forgotten and forsaken him, that His God detested him, which is why he no longer contacted him pbuh.

As they endeavored to grind the salt of hurtful words into the wounds they had inflicted on him both physically and with their tongue………..

There came upon the wings of Gabriel (AS) the beauty of the words of Allah in the form of Ad Doha and it poured love, reassurance, prophecies of success, advice of what to do with the favors of Allah and the spoken word of the Ultimate truth.

Allah begins with the known, the light of the midday, doesn’t it drive out the night, Doesn’t Allah bring in the light, day in and day out with certainty till it becomes an accepted fact?

Allah asks the gentle Prophet: Didn’t He wrap you in love and security when you were left an orphan? Allah reassures him: No He has not forsaken you nor does He detest you…………

Can you imagine receiving such a message from the Divine?

No wonder the gentle Prophet is called “the Loved one” and the Divine is called “The Beloved”

And then as Surah ad Duha unfolds with the beauty of the Prophecies from Allah promising the gentle Prophet and each of the Believers that the future and the Hereafter will be better than the present…….

Allah will give you so much………. And he did! The ultimate gift of bringing the gentle Prophet into the Divine presence in Isra and Meraaj; the spreading of his Ummah world wide bringing a wave of peace and submission in the general populations of the world.

Gift upon gift………….with instructions to him and his Ummah to remember to be gentle with the orphan and kind to the one who asks for help.

Meanwhile…………..spread the favors of your Lord!

The prescription to dispel the five Ds, lies in this 93rdsurah of the Quran titled Ad Doha, loaded with compassion, reassurance, security……….and ultimate “hub” love from the ultimate source, The AL Wadud.

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