We studied Suraqas pursuit today in our Seerah Class and I remembered my fascination with the episode. Here it is to re read if you have already read it and to read for the first time if you haven’t.


Inspired from an episode in the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

They have been drinking all night. He has been watching them with his hooded eyes waiting for dawn. A lavish bounty has been set on the head of the fugitive, who they all know is on foot and can be apprehended easily, thus the celebration.

He is a Knight of the Quraish, and wants not only the honor of capturing the fugitive but also the money and fame that would follow. It would allow him to prop up his waning cofers and his declining popularity.

As soon as the last nobleman slides into the coma of inebriation he steals out into the night. Mounting his magnificent steed he unleashes the pent up energy within him with the enthusiasm of a hunter out for the kill. He speeds towards the shepherd he has bribed to follow them till nightfall.

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