al aqsa etc

Inspired by the Seerah class conducted by Sheikh Mokhtar Magraoui in Uskudar, Turkey.

The best balm for pain and anguish is Love. The Prophet pbuh was a gentle soul, he was insaan e kamil, the perfect human being, his essence was the epitome of compassion, thus when his clan members opposed him, when his uncle refused his message from Allah, he was not offended but deeply saddened because he could see where such a refusal would take them and he could not see his beloved family in the pain of the FIRE.

Yet he was human, he loved and lost Khadija, his beloved wife and mother of his five children. He felt anguish when Abu Talib would not accept the shahada, he felt joy when Umar and Hamza embraced Islam.

He felt physical pain when the people of Taif refuse his message and stoned him, he felt spiritual pain because he worried that His Lord was angry with him

However there was one thing he never did which we mortals indulge in often. He never complained, never reneged on his promise and never flinched from giving the message that was instructed to give by Allah and never ever lost faith or lost trust in His Creator.

He found love in a deep spiritual sense for His Lord, the type of love that endures all and reneges nothing.

Al Aqsa

One night the angel Gabriel came to take him to with an invitation to take him to His Lord, not in death but in life. He left his bed, and climbed on to a steed named Buraq and in a blink of a human eye metaphorically speaking he was in the farthest mosque Al Aqsa in Jerusalem. Allah Subhanawataala indicates this journey in surah Al isra.

There awaiting him were the anbiya from time immemorial and he led them in Salah, transforming his status as a leader or Imam of the Anbiya. Allah Subhanawataala was step by step honoring him, pouring the salve of love over his wounds that had been obtained while unquestioningly and uncomplainingly carrying out His Subhanawataalas commands.

From masjed Al Aqsa Gabriel AS then began the ascent to the seven levels of heaven and at each level RasoolAllah encountered a Nabi, who spoke with him and showed him some experiences.

At the last level he met Musa AS,. After that he was taken to the sidra tun Muntaha and finally Gabriel AS said he could no longer accompany him, and poetically in Urdu it is said that it was a level where Gabriel’s wings (aik aeysa muqaam jahan Gabriel kay par jal gey) would burn if he tried to ascend it.

Therein past the veils of light our dearest beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh met his Lord, the final panacea for his wounds, the Divine love poured on to him and a gift of the option to be in the presence of Allah 50 times a day was given to the Ummah of Mohammad pbuh.

He was deeply honored with the gift and descended to the level of Musa AS whereupon Musa AS familiar with the viccisitudes of the Ummah advised him to go back and asked him to ask Allah to reduce the number of times the Ummah has to present themselves to Him. After several times visiting The Lord with requests at the advice of Musa AS, Our Lord gave five with the reward of fifty……………. With an open door to anyone who wants it more frequently.

Fifty for five……….

It is not a duty, not an obligation, not a pressure nor a constriction of time and frequency. It is an honor, an invitation, to the presence of the Divine, it is the opening of the Doors of the Palace of His Majesty Allah Subhanawataala to allow his subjects to present themselves in the best attire, perfumed and fragrant, humble and happy to be there and ask for anything they want or desire now or in the future… Can one ask for more? Five with the reward and honor of fifty………… and an open door to the one who wants more!



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