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How could I have read the story of his (PBUH) life so many times and yet the year of grief never registered in my mind, nor did I remember it as an important milestone in the Seerah of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Now as grief has struck me, I am surprised to open his Seerah and the chapter that commands my attention is: THE YEAR OF GRIEF.

He is at the bedside of his beloved uncle and patron Abu Talib. His (PBUH) uncle is dying and he can see him in The Fire …………………he asks him again and again to take shahada, to save himself from The Fire, ……………all this compounded with the pain of losing someone you love, whom you can see being immersed in The Fire as he is still a pagan and has not accepted and declared his acceptance of tawheed.

And thus at the bedside of…

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