The car ferry with the light of the morning

It is fajr time; the Bosphorus is turning silver with the early predawn glow. The first ship leading with a turned up snout and tapered upturned tail, gently but purposefully glides from Harem in Uskudar to the European coast of Istanbul taking early morning commuters and their cars.

I complete Salah and look out of the picture window and see it coming back from the European coast of Istanbul laden with cars that look like little toy cars that Tariq used to play with. Another boat passes it heading towards Europe from Asia and they pass each other: two boats in the morning, a salute, a wave and then onwards towards their destination.

Always focused, always graceful, always purposeful, and always precise in their path, always punctual and always fulfilling their role on the Bosphorus.

Isn’t that what Allah Subhanawataala has prescribed for human beings:

To be always focused and consciously aware of Him, so as not to make a mistake that would hurt us or someone else, for in His edicts He has warned us in the Quran of only those things and acts that are harmful either to our self or to others and or society at large.

Always graceful……….. Isn’t that what Prophet Muhammad pbuh demonstrated and was described by his (pbuh) beloved wife Ayesha (RA) as a “walking Quran” he (pbuh) was the embodiment of Grace in peace and in war and Gracious and forgiving after the wars. He is thus described as someone to follow and emulate to bring out our inner grace and erase the negative vibes from our aura so as not to disturb others and quell the commotion within us.

Always Purposeful…….. They have a purpose, to reach the other side in due time, in safety and thus they purposefully follow the designated but unwritten path in the water passing the other ships without collision or loss of time. Isn’t that the message to mankind to be purposeful, focused and safe in the race to do good.

Always fulfilling their roles………… Allah Subhanawataala states that the human being was created for only one purpose and one act, and that is to worship Allah by appreciating Him through His attributes and being grateful for all the beauty He has surrounded the Children of Adam with. The one recommended act is to pass on this message of beauty to others so that they may benefit and nourish their souls from it.

Punctuality…….. Another attribute of the Boats, which cross the Bosphorus to and fro, they start and arrive at the exact moment promised, similar to the ehad or promise or contract verbal or otherwise that a Muslim is required to keep. The Muslim is ordered by Allah Subhanawataala to appear when promised, not a second before and not a second after.

The three citadels of history, the Blue mosque, the Aya Sophia, and the spires of the Topkapi palace watch on with benign affection. In their bricks resides the memory and blessings of the millions of prayers that have been performed in the grounds of this triad by Muslims, Christians and others, who have invoked the Divine repeatedly standing on these sacred grounds. The precision and art of the Architect Mimar Sinan is reflected in each tile, which meets its fellow tile in grace with no harshness or overlap. The six minarets of the Blue mosque reach up to invoke the Divine as the morning light gradually dissolves the dawn.

Every morning till evening the boats on the Bosphorus, move gracefully on the blue waters and remind me of the consistency, punctuality and grace of what is the life script of a Momin: to fulfill the purpose for which we were sent to this world, to keep the waters of life consistent and bow our heads to the Divine, and to keep our environment smooth, peaceful and mutually beneficial in all respects.

May Allah guide us to be as such in life, Ameen!


Bringing home the hard working and the weary……

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