While we applaud the Droner listen to what the Army officers have to say:


I went to listen to Ann Wright on Drones in Pakistan………and she said:

“Every Tuesday President Obama is given a list of people from all over the world particularly Pakistanis who need to be murdered. He signs on it as indicter, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner……..and the Drones are sent to murder those (men, women and children) on the list”

“Next Tuesday all the neighbors, friends, community folks who heard the fire or the bomb fall on a house come to help and put out the fire are on the “to be murdered list” and so the following Tuesday the people who go to the funeral of the dead are on the list to be murdered and thus the murderous linking goes on and on with no end in sight.”

I am sitting in the front row of this lecture on Drones given by AnnWright retired Colonel from the United…

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