Thinking of my father on fathers day……..and many other days such as when I wrote this:



It is fajr in Chicago and as the gentle light of dawn lights up the top few stories of the high rise overlooking the lake I see it spread like liquid silver over the Lake. I have an intense desire to be out there looking at the sunrise over the lake and yet there is an age old cultural hesitancy to walk out alone. Will the apartment alarm go off if I step out and not only awaken my hosts but all of the building occupants on this beautiful but early Saturday morning? Chicago is the den of muggers especially along the Lake Shore? Am I convinced of the erroneous sensationalist news regarding the “big bad city”?

I decide to wake up the youngest person in the house to enquire about the alarm and then walk out. She says “no alarm” and promptly falls asleep again.

I walk out into…

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