(The italics are mine; the rest is paraphrased from the lecture)

In the second lesson on the course on Islamophobia from, Sheikh Nuh Keller outlines the perspective of the Quran and Sunnah and how one should behave, respond and direct ones actions.

It is a valuable essence of many parts of the Quran and Sunnah brought together to build the inner landscape of Imaan and the outer landscape of practice and expression of it under all circumstances.

Introduction: Islamophobia is a knee jerk phenomenon that has come into being in the last five years. It has spawned from a deliberate and constant barrage of misinformation, photo shopped pictures and high circulation of single crimes picked out from all over the Muslim world. These are showcased as an expression of Islam. The target audience is not only non-Muslims who may be ignorant or unaware of Islam but also Muslim women who are born Muslims but do not externalize the expression of Islam in food, dress and mannerisms. Scare tactics are usually involved in recruiting this target group by scaring them of a tide of bigoted Muslims and Islam which will take over their lives and force them to change their lifestyle to an oppressive one, where the men will not be allowed to drink beer and the women will have to cover their hair and neither will be allowed adultery or fornication which is a norm in the west at this time.

Sociologists believe that the most potent threat to a human being after something that threatens life is a “change in lifestyle” Over the centuries this has been true in all the monarchies that fell and all the rebels that brought change. It was either to preserve the lifestyle (current day French laws prohibiting niqab) or to do away with it (the break of Taiwan from mainland China to retain its non communistic lifestyle).

I summarize the lesson as I understood it: The muslims should:

  1. Have Certitude in their Emaan
  2. Be Undaunting in their belief of Allah and all He (Subhanawataala) has engendered to them (Remember Bilal RA in the hot sun of Mecca with a boulder on his chest and the Mushrikeen whipping him to recant from his belief of one God and He does not answer them but answers Allah with “Ahad un Ahad”
  3. Istiqamah This in my Lughat is defined as undaunting with consistency at all times against all trials and tribulations and embracing with steadfastness all those things that draw us closer to Allah
  4. Have Sabr because if one has certitude and is undaunting in ones stand of the truth of Islam then trials and tribulations will be thrown at him and he or she will need an inordinate amount of consistent Sabr, to shield him or herself from forces resisting change.
  5. Know that Allah wants the Muslims to draw closer to Him (Surah Dhariyaat)
  6. Make the Intention to draw closer to Allah in all the ways that he has ordered us to do so.
  7. Do Tabarrah and Dua, Beg with grinding humility, for Allah to bring you closer to Him.
  8. Specialized Dua when faced with difficulty: Istikharah (to provide relief from doubt) and Istiqdaar (Enlisting Allah’s omnipotence)
  9. Tawfeeq: Ask Allah to give you tawfeeq in whatever condition you may find yourself.
  10. Specialized Intention: “ None of you truly believe until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself” related by Imam Nanawi in Forty Hadith where he describes “brother “ as “ All human beings”. If you love to be on the good side of Allah then you should love that for everyone. “If you have the bouquet of flowers of emaan in your hand share it with all”
  11. Dawah tul Aam, sharing what is good for you with all is the first step towards following the hadith noted above.
  12. Ask Allah to give you what will benefit you in the Hereafter
  13. Don’t take measures that take away the issue (islamophobia) but take measures that help people to come to Allah. (Do not lose the forest for the trees). Muslims should be the surprising fact (in your response) that differs from the usual fact (The usual fact being a knee jerk response of tit for tat or if the person has power than to persecute the islamophobes.
  14. Guide the people to The Guide. Hadith: it is better for Allah to guide a single person through you than getting a hundred red camels. (Very expensive and classy transportation).
  15. Even in battle Prophet Muhammad pbuh enjoined upon us “ to proceed towards them and summon them to Islam and inform them of what is incumbent upon them.
  16. Reminder to give the summons to guide to Allah remembering that on the day of judgment all the Prophets will be asked “ Have you conveyed?” and their people will say “ not a single messenger came to us with the message” then the ummah of Muhammad will be called to be a witness over others and Muhammad pbuh is a witness over the Ummah.

Be Proactive with the Intention to negate Islamophobia: Hadith; When you see something reprehensible or detrimental, remove the barrier between the people and the Maker”:




  1. Changing ignorance to knowledge: people who are hottest against Islam don’t know any Muslims, give them something real

DUA OF THE BELIEVER: DUA: To summon people to guidance

Sahih Muslim: Abu huraira (RA): Any one who summons to the right course (huda) direction, has the like of all the rewards of all of those who follow him without diminishing their own rewards and whosoever guides them to misguidance, pathetic misguidance, He had gathered the sins of all those who follow him without diminishing any sins of their own”

HADITH (SAHIH Bokhari) Our Prophet (pbuh) said, “ Convey what I have brought to you even if it is a single verse of the revelation

Dua May Allah gave us the tawfiq to do this

18 . Be an utter slave to Allah: BE GOOD TO OTHERS with HUMILITY AND GENEROSITY:


People became completely changed when they left everything in Mecca and went to Madina and when people saw them they wanted to become Muslims, they saw the light and certitude in their faces.

  1. Control your ego (Nafs): Realize that when you can control your ego (Nafs), Allah will put under control all those that vex you and control you.
  2. Recite the Protective adhkaars morning and evening.


DUA: May Allah make us “A SURPRISING FACT”



  1. Thanks for post! As a believer in Jesus, I empathize with the distortions of your faith at the hands of media. Our faith, too, has been blasted by the press since the 1960’s. Many folks without a faith take those of us who believe in G-d as fools praying to imaginary friends. I accept this struggle as an eternal one between lightness and darkness. My Master loved others and blessed His enemies. Perhaps our call in our age is no less; to love our enemies and do good to those who persecute us?
    All the best!


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