I was performing ghusl, when it happened. I was preparing for Jumma in a land far far away from the Haram. Ghusl is also performed at death… was this my ghusl or was I performing it for those thousands of faceless, nameless Muslim men, women and children floating in the Mediterranean or lying unclothed and unclaimed in the desert of the Levant?

There is a storm; the tall buildings looking down at the House of Allah are shrouded in dust. Suddenly and surely a slow arc forms over the new Haram, recently constructed in Mecca. There is a crash of steel meeting mortar. The mangled steel claws of a giant crane slash into the heart of the Haram and ………the pieces of people are scattered like the petals of red poppies over the sacred floor of the Mataf. The Kaaba stands silent in black in mourning not only for those who lie around it now their lifeblood streaming from them onto the floor of the mataf but those who lay around it many years ago in the siege of the Haram, and for those who might still be hopeful of finding asylum in “the land of the infidel” as they clutch the broken pieces of what was once a boat and hopefully look for the shore.

The mataf of the Kaaba where Prophets have walked where the mercy of mankind stepped in humility, love and reverence, holds the bleeding, the crying and dead all in its loving embrace. Damaged and hurt it still receives the pilgrims whose hopes and dreams of Hajj have been shattered or ended abruptly.

Those who have not cried for the plight of the people of The Levant ransacked by hordes similar to the Mongols, whose hearts have not melted by the sight of small sneakers on little feet that are in rigor mortis, will cry now with the bleeding gash on the heart of the Haram.

……………And I unbeknownst to myself at that time, inspired by the Khutbah on Hajj, was bowing my head in Jumma Salah praying fervently for a Hajj e Mabroor for me soon.

May Allah forgive us for our sins and shortcomings which are many and need His forgiveness……

4 thoughts on “A GASH IN THE HEART OF THE HARAM………..

  1. Well, we are not Angels that nothing wrong could happen to us, Wrong silly comments: “the Kaba standing there in silence mourning”. We are all feeling sorry for the refugees, but whose fault is it for the disaster of Syria? Those who created the
    division and Sects trying to ruin the one Ummah of Rasool (saws) and still fighting after 14C.
    Those who died in Mecca are the lucky ones to die in the most sacred land. Allahamdullillah.
    Sis. G. A convert


    • Dear Sister Gulshanin,
      When calamities happen, one should take them seriously, don’t you think? As for placing blame on sectarianism as a reason for the disaster of Syria is quite simplistic isn’t it? or even a cop out? If you review the beginning of the unraveling in Syria you will see that it started with a child writing a graffiti on the school wall about opposing the current dictator, the result, that child along with a few of his friends were taken, tortured and their body parts thrown back into the school compound the next day.Can you imagine being the mother or father or uncle or aunt of that child?
      Things don’t happen suddenly they simmer for a long time and if not resolved, they erupt like the muslim world is erupting now. As for my comment about the Kaaba standing sombre in mourning: I am sorry if you consider it “silly”.
      I do not consider any stance or view of the Kaaba to ever be “silly” I could not imagine such disrespect leave alone pen it.
      I would be curious to learn from you as to what is your take on the crane crash? and what of the wounded? and what of those who saved all their life earnings to perform Hajj and perhaps may not be able to do so due to the interruption of the Safa and Marwah pathway? In reading your comment though you may not have intended it to be such, but it comes across as if Compassion is really not your forte, is it?


  2. Dear Sister
    Maybe the crane crash was His way of reminding us that while thousands of Muslims are in peril, we Muslims should get our priorities right. It’s shameful to see children dying, who could very well be my daughter, and we as Muslims are doing nothing. More so the refugees are there because of fighting among Muslims not forced out by infidels. Is this what we are proud about?
    Anisur Rahman


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