The first glimpse of the Outer Hebrides on my way to Stornoway

I am flying in more ways than one. In front of me is an unknown destination, which I think I know but in reality I know very little. Every aspect of travel has logistics, the pictures, the scenes and then the spiritual fragrance. This is why no matter how many pictures I see of a place I can never know what it is really like until I meet it in person. I have to be physically, and emotionally present in the place to meld with it in person and in spirit and form a new song………..

I am on my way to the Outer Hebrides known as the outer islands of Scotland, defined as “the Western Isles (Scottish Gaelic: Na h-Eileanan Siar [nə ˈhelanən ˈʃiəɾ]), Innse Gall (“islands of the strangers”) or the Long Island, which is an island chain off the west coast of mainland Scotland”. People who lived there long ago lived there out of choice and were forced to vacate the land for the landlords who wanted to convert the land to money. But the Divine has the last word and in this case too He did. That is the story for another time.

Right now I am flying in my physical body on a small airplane called Flybe pronounced as Flaweeebee with a strong Scottish accent.

The detachment from things begins when I am informed that though I am allowed 50 lbs. to fly overseas, Flybe only allows 38 pounds, which makes you rethink of what you can do without and how many gifts you can buy for yourself and your loved ones.

The second stage of detachment occurs at the Glasgow airport where all food and drink is taken from me during security because it may be a paste (almond butter) or a drink (sealed coconut water). One by one I unload my “things” at every step of the travel and detach from my preconceived comforts associated with them. It is not as if I am going to the Sahara I tell myself. After all these things are available in Scotland even though I may be going to the most remote part of it.

When I look out of the window, I realize why I came. There is no horizon, the earth and sky are one, silver in every shade you can imagine. There is no end of what you can see or do because you see infinity, endlessness! Allah has brought me here for a reason, the first of which is being unveiled through the tiny window of my plane opening on to a silvery vista that has no beginning and no end.

I feel light and airy like an angel. Do they get to fly like this all the time over unending silvery beauty?

I am being shown a glimpse of what is infinity in the equation of life. Something I may have missed in my to do list. I have been snatched from my long list of obligations where I spend my precious time nickel and diming myself. I am being flown to where the splendor of the Divine is evident in His creation. I am getting a glimpse of it out of the window and am mesmerized wanting more……..


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