He is sleeping with his head full of dreams of horses racing full speed, their glossy manes flying as they toss their heads up and snort.

Earlier it is Dhuhr time and I wash him after lunch and do a mini wudu on him. He goes to the living room to play, I complete my wudu and join him. Do you want me to put down the Masallas?” he asks, “yes thank you “ I reply. He picks up my musallah and sends it flying and it lands half unfolded and then does the same with his little musallah which opens completely, he then goes through the ritual of straightening out the edges after I have set them down straight facing Qibla.

“Come and pray” I say and he runs to the sofa and perches on it. He walks around me and then does sajda with me, I have told him not to walk in front of me while I am praying but he does, and I am reminded that he is only two years old.

When I finish Salah he says “Nano pray some more” I wonder at his request. Is it the magical feeling of being surrounded by angels after salah with the sprinkling of Allah’s mercy that is cocooning him and he does not want it to stop. Does he feel their presence only when we pray and wants more of it or does he want to run around knowing he cannot be reprimanded during Salah.

I get up and bring the Quran. “Are you going to read the Quwan here,” he asks pointing to the musallah, as this is a departure from norm. usually I recite Quran at the small circular table with my teacher or even just me and him.

“Yes” I reply. “OK” he says “ let me get mines” he runs and gets his little dua book and sits down on his musallah reading silently while I read Surah Aadiyaat loudly and then the translation. “It is about horses galloping………… “ I stop what else should I say, then I read the English translation to him. He is entranced with the description of the horses which I augment with the sounds of galloping.

Soon it is time for nap, so we go into the bedroom, “Are you going to read the Quwan in my room” he asks “yes” I reply.

He lies down hugging his stuffed red hippo, sucking on his milk cup and looking at me with expectant eyes…………….. I begin the recitation of Surah Aadiyat and stop after the first five ayahs.

Suddenly the vista opens and reveals a large landscape of sun scorched golden sand. Far away over the rocks come the Arabian horses, each a specimen of extreme beauty and grace, galloping at full speed. It is only when their horseshoes strike a rock bringing out sparks that one realizes that they are not flying. As they approach towards me galloping at full speed they turn to the left kicking up large clouds of dust and the enemy appears before them. They do not hesitate and charge right into the midst of the awaiting hostile group, doing just as ordered by their masters………

I stop…..The vista folds and I hear an inner voice “ and how ungrateful am I? My master has asked me to do something and has given me a long time to do it a very long time some people call it a lifetime. Yet I am nothing compared to these beautiful Arabian horses who obey their masters to the umpteenth degree and unquestionably gallop straight into the melee of the enemy never fearing any thing or anyone… and I a superior human being, ashraful maklooqat is unable to perform like these gorgeous horses do for their master.

Our Master controls the entire Universe and beyond, he knows what no one knows and yet humans have narrow vision and are only concerned with wealth as if no one is watching their behavior.

His eyes droop, and sleep overtakes him. He is no longer witness to my regret and guilt at the ensuing ayahs. His mind and heart filled with beautiful Arabian horses galloping at full speed, throwing up their heads, tossing their manes as they gallop down the hill side sending sparks where their horseshoes strike rock. The sparks encasing them in light piercing the clouds of dust engulfing them as they charge into the waiting army of the other side…His dreams are replete with the beauty of the Arabian horses, the rest is for me.

He has fallen asleep as I recite the rest of the ayahs.

Lament from our Lord for the intense greed we have for wealth, which we equate, with everything good. He observes us from afar like a parent sees the wickedness in his child and is filled with sadness for what he knows will bring neither joy nor peace to him.

Our Lord says don’t we know that when we will be pulled out of the graves and scattered and what ever is now in the chest of people will be scraped out…. Which is the love of wealth. There is no doubt that Allah is watching us and the kuffar and on the Final Day Allah will know each detail of each wordlly love especially of wealth that we have hidden in our chest.

I sit silenced by the profound message of Surah Aadiyaat sobered into acknowledging that the human being is entranced, blinded and passionately crazed with the love of wealth.

I watch the sleeping child; his innocent head filled with the beauty of horses and wonder how I can seek the pleasure of my Lord…….

4 thoughts on “ARABIAN HORSES AND MY GRANDSON. 100:1-11

  1. Private communication on reading this post forwarded by my brother:
    Thank you for forwarding me the article. It brings back my very fond memory of learning how to do daily prayers from my grandma when I was little. She has been gone for thirty years, but almost every day I still use and benefit from what she has taught me.

    Warm regards,


  2. From Pakistan through private communication on reading this post:
    Thank you for passing this to me….beautiful page and writing Mashallah.
    The about section is of course very touching.


  3. Inspiring Asma! Especially the part about a parent watching their child ….
    May Allah swt increase you and your family In ilm and fehm.


    • Dear Anjum, You have such a crystal clear heart Mashallah that soaks up the feeling instantly, a beautiful comment and dua I treasure, and the same and more to you my friend.


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