Each of us has a secret inner world. A world into which we can withdraw to avoid pain, nurture love or connect to our Creator.

Nowhere on the globe is the inner world so evident as in the outer manifestations of behavior as in Morocco.

Morocco blending into the Atlas Mountains in the North and the Sahara desert in the south is a geological challenge to the physically weak. It is a major challenge to the cynic and the oppressors. Located on almost every mountaintop is an Awliya whose lifeblood flowed in the service of Allah and His prophet Muhammad pbuh. As someone said the (new) West has its Saints and Maghreb or the original west has its Awliyas.

The Cliff notes to the Sunnah of the Prophet come via these Awliya. Even if one is illiterate, blind, deaf and dumb, but wishes to learn the path of the…

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