Pakistan has a lot to learn from Algerian history, where for more than a century the cycle of violence was unending, until someone decided to bring the warring factions together, and make a peace policy that worked. (For this review Algerian History)


Woman overlooks cemetery of Algerian Civil War martyrs.: courtesy:

The bottom-line is that violence and efforts to “wipe” each other out never succeeds and instead feeds into the predatory Nafs, which becomes stronger with each act of oppression.

At this time the two major forces destroying each other are the Pakistani army and the Pakistani Taliban. Each is alternately oppressive to each other’s population. Thus they are in the process of destroying their own population by default.

Looking in from the outside this is not a cancer model that you can “surgically excise” or “wipeout” but it is actually an autoimmune phenomenon. In an autoimmune disease the cells in your own body turn against their own self and start destroying the body. In such medical cases serious poisons are administered to weaken the autoimmune cells that have turned rogue to the body but in doing so the entire body is weakened and eventually succumbs to both the effects of the autoimmune disease as well as the administered poison given to attempt killing the rogue cells and stilling the autoimmune process.

This simile is very real in Pakistan.

History in a nutshell tells us the following without laying blame on anyone:

  1. Pakistan was created from a landmass that was colonized by the British for 150 years. It had two major religions: Hinduism and Islam. They were unable to live together in harmony because of their religious traditions of the caste system and oppression of one on another. Hindus who were suave, in majority and favored by the British had the upper hand on the Muslims who were simple, sincere, ousted rulers and not in the favored books of the British rulers.
  2. Shortly after Pakistan was created the founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah died of a terminal illness. While India’s founder Nehru lived to a ripe old age to guide his fledgling country, and pass his legacy to his dynasty and the country India was originally named Bharat.quaidsachievement_thumb9
  3. While India had the Indian congress which was an old and experienced political party. Pakistan had a fledgling Muslim league belabored by opposition from many directions.
  4. The most organized entity in Pakistan became the Military. While Pakistan was not endowed with external military aid, the men in the military were ordinary God fearing patriotic men who enlisted only to serve their country and serve Allah in the process. This changed with the incoming of foreign monies.
  5. Pakistan went through several military coups because they were well organized and the fledgling political parties were no match for their organized power.
  6. Though the Pakistani military excelled at doing coups and routing out the wavering elected officials, they were not very good in defending Pakistan. They lost an entire wing (East Pakistan) to the Indian army that left the Eagle of Pakistan with only one wing to fly with.
  7. They also have the honor of hanging a democratically elected leader first time in the history of the subcontinent except for what the British did to the Muslim patriotic monarchs of India.
  8. The autoimmune phenomenon mentioned above began with an injection of funds by the CIA into the Pakistan army to fund afghan resistance against the Soviet Union. In doing so they also got used to the luxury of ample funds unaccounted for by anyone.
  9. As the homes and offices of the military improved to the point of luxury, the middle class began to disappear and merge with the poor.
  10. The general condition of the infrastructure and job opportunities declined largely due to the inpouring of 3 million refugees from Afghanistan, and unemployment, and secondarily due to the foreign aid being concentrated in the army and their families. The people in the border towns and provinces largely absorbed these refugees, without any significant assistance from either the army or the government.

  11. The second wave of unlimited funds to the Military came with the manhunt for the “terrorists” after 911. Now the Pakistani military became fat with aid and built huge homes, lush neighborhoods, their children were sent abroad for study on tuition coming from the army parents via foreign military aid. Classy local schools were built for Army brats similar to the one bombed in Peshawar, with every modern amenity one can think of in a country that was almost bankrupt.

    karachi restaurant b6427a9a419bc0dd0340421f89ec44c9

    A seaside restaurant hosts a pakistani family in Karachi

  12. Meanwhile a second wave of Afghan immigrants entered Pakistan some settled in Bajaur and other border towns and some along with their gun toting brothers ventured south as far down as Karachi where they came in contact with a group that was terrorizing the locals its name was MQM. The Afghans were culturally and fiscally worlds apart from the fun-loving, eclectic, borderline (believed but did not practice) Muslims of Karachi.

  13. MQM was introduced as a political party that was run by a man who lived in London. It was more of a thug party that went around harassing and murdering anyone who did not acquiesce to being relieved of their cash, jewelry, car, bungalow etc.
  14. With the first immigration of refugees from Afghanistan, the grown men and women with families took to the inner towns of Pakistan. However the orphan boys congregated at the border shanty mosques for food and a place to sleep. The Mullah who barely could read the Quran taught them the Quran and its literal meaning, as he understood it with his limited resources.

  15. These orphans grew up in the streets during the day unprotected and open to evil and crime both against them and by them while at night they learned not to do these things. The dilemma within them must have been tearing them apart. When they grew up there was a push by Pakistan to send the Afghan refugees back.
  16. Large numbers of Afghan men went back with nothing on them except the clothes on their back and their Kalashnikov rifle, and some basic literal information about meting punishment for crimes from the Quran in them.
  17. Having learned about the evils of society and the prohibitions of these evils by the Quran these men entered Afghanistan and were faced with the post Russian culture of decadence promoted by the warlords. One day two warlords were fighting with each other over who would sodomize the 9 year old boy they held, when the mother of the boy rushed into the mosque berating the students (talibs or talibans) reciting the Quran none older than 18 and their Mullah.
  18. The mullah shamed by the mother stood up and asked who would help and the students (the Taliban) got up and followed him. They shot the warlords and gave the child back to the mother and became instant heroes. Entire villages came out to receive them. They installed their hardline understanding of the “hudood” laws to control daily crime in a war torn country reeling from 15 years of bombing.
  19. Then came the war on terror and the Pakistani military now on the receiving end of a limitless supply of aid became hungry for more and agreed to destroy their border towns to “get rid of the Taliban” who may be hiding there.

    bajaur 121098_news_image did do that and along with the Taliban they destroyed and killed hundreds of children, along with men and women and displaced as internal refugees by force almost 300,000 people, in Swat and Bajaur particularly.

  20. The destructive killing of ones own body (people) aspect of the autoimmune disease was now rampant, the greed for more was getting hungrier and killing your own people or other Muslims became an easy phenomenon. Every thing including the conscience of the Military went on sale to maintain the lavish lifestyles that the military had become accustomed to.
  21. The Taliban made a major push to hurt the Pakistan military and firebombed their elite school killing the progeny of the military forever ending the possibility of them following in their fathers footsteps.
  22. While the MQM thugs were killing the general public in Karachi, the Taliban were killing the army at the border towns and the army was killing the families of the Taliban and the Pakistanis living in the border towns. The autoimmune disease was in full charge on the body of the Ummah of Pakistan.
  23. In came the Shias and Ahmedis who tried to distinguish themselves from the other general people who were also being killed in droves. This was in order to get western help, and they succeeded to a great extent. Thus now the Shia and Sunnis were bombing each other’s mosques. The hardline Muslims were bombing the Ahmedi mosques. The Ahmedis with their sad stories were invoking financial help from the west and succeeding.
  24. The autoimmune cells have turned on themselves and the body that houses them. The body is being eaten away with poison and fire. Only one thing can stop this disease: The absolute belief that Allah is Qadir, that there is a Day of Judgment, and that we must fear Allah (basic aqeedah of Islam). As Muslims Pakistanis must remember that if we are the oppressor no matter how much money we have received for the kill, He Subhanwataala is Sarehul Aqaab.
  25. The only solution to end this cycle of violence and the eating of the flesh of each other in Pakistan is something the intelligentsia must tackle irrespective of sectarian differences and perhaps learn from the Algerian model: Mediation and compensation for all following the Algerian model: Live and Let live!

A tribute to the makers of Pakistan:


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