The approach to a remedy for Arthritis is multifold:

  1. EMAAN: One has to remind oneself that Allah is Sha’afi “The Healer” and can heal anything and anybody and has power over all the things
  2. SUNNAH” The Hadith of Prophet Muhammad pbuh says:

Allah has made a remedy for all diseases except old age.

Keeping these two principles in mind one has to approach arthritis from all perspectives of healing treatments and seek them:


One has to understand that the all healing comes from the soul, the soul talks to the heart, which then talks to the body. If the soul is diseased, even when one disease will seem to disappear another will surface as the diseases of the body are but a reflection of the diseases of the heart coming from a neglected sick soul.

Thus In addition to the fariadh or obligatory prayers one has to:

  1. Cleanse the heart and purify the soul with much DHikr and Istighfaar
  2. Cleanse the heart and body by eating, living and earning halal and tayyab without taking rukhsaas or delving in borderline permissiveness.
  3. After Fajr and after Asr recite the masnoon adkaars which are for the healing of the body and soul and were recited by Prophet Muhammad pbuh
  4. Perform two rakah of salah at Doha, also called chast or ishraaq. These are considered as sadaqah for your joints (Hadith)
  5. Stay away from the disobediences of Allah. (Including bad language, fahasha, and violence under the guise of news)
  6. Practice forgiveness and istighfaar 24/7.


  1. Alternate Healers believe arthritis comes from holding grudges, try to practice forgiveness and istighfaar.
  2. Abstain from red meat as it worsens arthritis
  3. DO muscle strengthening exercise
  4. Do stretching and strengthening of joints and muscles with yoga or yoga like exercises.
  5. Fast for 3 days while abstaining from foods during the above during non-fast times.


Investigate the etiology (reason) of the arthritis (injury, disease, blood clot, broken cartilage etc) by consulting a physician.

If the arthritis is “degenerative” then mainstream physicians primarily advocate three kinds of treatment, two are to alleviate pain and the third is to increase mobility in an already diseased joint which is completely destroyed by disease:

  1. Anti-inflammatory drugs by mouth
  2. Anti-inflammatory drugs by injection into the joints
  3. Hip or knee replacement if things are too far-gone and are progressing.

Most people become adherent to one of the above mentioned three methods and shun the rest.

As Muslims and in following the Sunnah we are advised by our Prophet to seek all three methods and to have faith in Allah that some combination of the three will bring healing

If despite making a strong effort with discipline and sincerity with all of the above three methods nothing works then understand that it is your Qadaa wal Qadar and then we have to be Sabir for what Allah has decreed on us.

The reward of a Sabir in the realm of Allah is immeasurable. Every pain even as small as a prick of a thorn washes out sins………is what Prophet Muhammad pbuh tells us.

A momin ties his camel (take action) before doing Tawakul.

Allah knows best!



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