Continued from: Who prays at Masjed Al Aqsa

I step into the circular Masjed of the Dome of the Rock……….I cannot still the excitement in the air, there is a feeling in me that if I don’t document all this with my camera it will disappear or I will run out of time…………or worse still I will be asked to leave.

I do not question this urgency in me and as I am photographing the ceiling, walls and half listening to the guide, I remember my etiquette for the Masjed and stand to pray my two rakaat for Tahiyaat e Masjed. It is a strange feeling to be in a circular Masjed with a Dome in the centre and a cave under it.

I see people going down into the cave and I follow them, I put my hand out to steady myself and find it resting on a rock…

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