My mother was expecting me when there was a solar eclipse and all my life I have heard all kinds of superstitions attached to the phenomenon of eclipse. This is how it looked near my house with my not so perfect camera. for a lovelier picture click on the yellow link below.

lunar eclipse at my hometown

Here is what the Imam of one of the mosque’s here said:

It has been announced by NASA website, tonight Wednesday evening, February
20th, the full Moon over the Americas will turn a delightful shade of red and
possibly turquoise, too. It’s a total—the last one until Dec.
2010.Maximum eclipse, and maximum beauty, occurs at 10:26 pm EST (7:26 pm PST).
A lunar eclipse happens when the Moon passes through the shadow of Earth (taken
from ).
And as Muslims, according to our prophet tradition, we are encouraged when we
hear about such phenomenon; to act…

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