This ayah is revealed at a time when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is surrounded by the Qaum ud Dhalimoon. In it is Allah’s promise of justice that will be meted out to the Dhalimoon “suddenly and openly”. A promise by which the weak and the opressed believers live and know that Dhulm cannot surpass the justice of Allah now or ever.

My take: When we think of Dhulm we think in a global context of nations and organizations commiting oppression. However the Dhulm as defined here is on a very personal level.  When we continuously tolerate small injustices in and around us, we desensitize ourselves from the more Kabeer (huge) injustices, and then we are shocked when Allah sends His punishment “suddenly and openly”. We then try to rationalize it as being a ” A freak of nature”.

This Ayah is a stern warning to the Dhalimoon (inadequately translated as “those…

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