I recently had an experience that impacted on our belief of amana and khianat which made me realize that many muslims do not see it the way Allah commands in the Quran.



YUSUFALI: They are those, with whom thou didst make a covenant, but they break their covenant every time, and they have not the fear (of Allah).
YUSUFALI: If ye gain the mastery over them in war, disperse, with them, those who follow them that they may remember.
YUSUFALI: If thou fearest treachery from any group, throw back (their covenant) to them, (so as to be) on equal terms: for Allah loveth not the treacherous.


Amanat is a trust that you leave with someone to be returned in full at a given time and place. Amanat is something that belongs to another person, that he or she gives to you for safe keeping and to abide under the rules of the pact (covenant) he or she made with you.

Khianat is taking something out of what was given to us for safekeeping and betraying the trust of…

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