The terrible massacre going on in GAZA right this minute brings back my memories of my visit to Jerusalem and Hebron……….and what I saw there. I am sharing what I learned while I was there and subsequently on researching the subject of ” the Settlers” on Palestinian land protected by Israel.


The settlements in Israel are built on Palestinian land, they have been settled with immigrants from the USA. They have been financed by American subsidies derived from US taxpayer monies.

How did that happen?

It has been a long process. When Israel wanted to expand it did not enough white Jewish population to settle in the lands they wanted to confiscate from the Palestinians. They thus came up with this novel idea of the settlements. These are brand new suburbs similar to a new American city, They sold the idea to the US Congress, got it funded and started building them on top of the hills of Jerusalem and surroundings. Aound each one is a concrete wall very similar to a fortress. The settlements are designed like a small city self sufficient with first rate highways connecting them to each other and the wailing wall, never having to go through the Palestinian homes as a wall always separated them. Another set of concrete walls were built around these highways which could only be used by Israeli Jews and settlers.

One American settler told me ” I have never seen a Palestinian since I came to the settlements”

Who went to live in these lavish fortresses?

In the eighties a young Jewish friend of mine told me that his sister was moving with her husband and baby to Israel. Both of them were jobless and were trying hard to live a Jewish life on no money.

Why move to Israel where life there is full of strife? Apparently not. They had been given a brand-new apartment free of charge and a subsidy of 250,000 dollars annually for two years as enticement to come and live there. Before I could blink an eye they were off to Israel. It has been 20 years since I last saw her. She visits the US to shop and now to put her eldest in an American University. She says she is very happy and there is no exposure to the Palestinians or bombs or any violence, “it is like living in a suburb of New york”.

In my last visit to the Holy Land while driving to Hebron I see the wall; I also see the settlements and the dying olive trees beneath. The orchards of the Palestinians below the settlements have been reduced to a trash heap with Jewish excrement running down the hill. The open sewage is poisoning their plants, trees and creating infections in both plants and humans. Thus forcing people away from their orchards and their livelihood to avoid the heaps of stagnant excrement and sewage, landing in the bottom of the hills on which the settlements sit.

The Palestinian owners of the orchards on the slopes of the hill have no recourse except to watch the slow and relentless disintegration of nature, olive trees and their sustenance from the olive trade.

What sort of Jewish people migrate from the US to live in Israel in the settlements? The settlements since they were built on the land of Palestinians who were angry and bereft were initially high risk for vandalism and attacks from frustrated homeowners who thought they could get rid of the Jewish squatters if they made enough noise and trouble.

In interviews with Americans who migrated to Israeli settlements there appears to be two kinds of people who enjoyed the settlements. The first were single mothers who were given the apartment, security, free of charge with a cash gift to last them a long time. The second were rabid extremists who believed that any one other than the Jews is to be removed or exterminated from the Holy Land.

Among these the most prominent was Baruch Goldman a New York doctor who walked into Ibrahim’s mosque in Hebron and sprayed the worshippers with bullets killing 22 men and maiming several hundred. To this day you can see the bullet marks and the bullet embedded in the wall near the minbar.

As I walked into the Khalili mosque, I felt the terrifying ambience of a place where extreme violence had happened and was suspended in the air.

Standing at the minbar the whole scene comes alive. Hundreds of Muslim men bowing their head to the Almighty and suddenly as one witness described having the extreme pain of something sharp and hot entering his body searing him from the inside out. Another man as he raised his head from sujood felt warm liquid gushing from his left side; he put his hand on it to stem the flow, but failed. He keeled over and gave himself up to His Creator.

This is reported about the settlers response: “It is important that according to one poll about 50 per cent of Kiryat Arba inhabitants approve of the massacre”

Walking through Hebron via the Palestinian shops is grim. The shops have a chicken wire roof stretched across the alley. On enquiring we are told that the settlers in the high buildings on either side throw trash on the shoppers and the shopkeepers, evidence of which could be seen as we saw the trapped bottles, wrappers, and moldy food stuck in the chicken wire stretched across the alleyway. On either side of the alley are shops filled with exquisitely embroidered gowns the likes of which are never seen outside Hebron. But did we want to stop and shop? I look up and on the highest part of the settlers building I see the silhouette of a soldier with an automatic machine gun in his hand pointing downwards. It was not an atmosphere for shopping. The wizened faces of the shopkeepers drooped with wisdom and sadness an understanding that comes with the certain knowledge of the outcome of the circumstances.

That was Hebron out of Hell. As we left there were sections of Palestinian homes surrounded by wire while Israeli soldiers stood in towers overlooking them ready to shoot at the slightest excuse. Young Palestinian children played soccer in these chicken coops…while the American taxpayers continued to pay the soldier to shoot the children when and if he wanted with no questions asked.

Hebron was an eye opener. The severe tension both in the Israeli soldiers, the young Palestinian faces in the alley and the guards that checked all our belongings and frisked us before we entered the Mosque was like being in Nazi Germany except here the Nazi soldiers terrorizing the visitors and the Palestinians were Jews and Jewesses.

Once through the security, the women with us wanted to do wudu. Anyone in their right minds would want to pee to avoid peeing in their pants, as the tension was so much. We headed to the women’s wudu area. Inside was another shock. Roaches roamed over the marble sinks and the water was rusty. Toilets had obviously not been used in a very long time. Grime had deposited, dried and coated with dust. It was a wudu area of a long forgotten ruin it seemed and yet all the sinks were okay just filthy with neglect.

I asked the guide why hasn’t this been cleaned? He said the woman who does it has not come back in a month.

Who would risk their life, and honor to walk through the trash ceiling alley with guns pointing at them then be frisked, handbags searched to earn minimum wage to clean toilets, even if it was for the khalili Mosque. They would need to be on antianxiolytics if they did this daily.

The settlers are most morbidly sadistic in Hebron. One wonders if all the mentally ill Jews of America were transported to these settlements. Why did the US give Israel such huge bonuses as an incentive to live there? How did Israel afford these bonuses for the continuously mushrooming settlements? Was it like the 84 million dollars of taxpayer money accorded to Israeli schools by the US congress these too were gifted without our permission.

Was this a way of the American Jews to get rid of their mentally sick relatives by showing them dreams of going to the Holy land and living there? Perhaps. Jews are intelligent people; this would be an ingenuous method of putting all the human trash into Palestine and give them money to stay there.

The problem is that the sickness and pathology in the settlers fed off of each other and they had nothing to temper their aggressive killer base instincts, no law stopped them from shooting who ever they wanted as long as they were Palestinian. Thus they have become game hunters only in this case they are hunting human game, very similar to the lynching’s of the black youth in the deep south during the slavery era.

Many gentile brothers in the US consider Jews weak and effeminate, perhaps this was a chance for the American Jew settlers to show the gentiles what they could do with a gun.

The mix of mental pathology, religious Jewish fervor, misguided historical desires of coming back to the Holy land which may bring forgiveness for their past disobediences to God, and no law to stop the aggression of the settlers has lead to an international nightmare of terror wreaked on powerless humans of Palestinian descent.

The Jewish settlers are American, but are being held to by neither American law nor Israeli law; they are a subculture of violence, sadism and reek of the tortures of the Spanish Inquisition in Jewish bodies.

When will this stop? And How?

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