A Reflection: Embarking on the ocean of the Heart…….


This reflection was written on the first evening on arrival at the retreat of Tazkiyah tun Nafs taught by Sheikh Mokhtar Maghraoui.

How does one still the clamoring’s of desires and inclinations within us long enough to unmask the language of the heart? The communication of the heart is so subtle that it emanates from the sound of silence.

It is a voyage that I am here to make Will I get to the other side or not remains a mystery. Seeing how many shipwrecks have happened on the seas of the Nafs and Hawaa, I am insecure in my confidence if I will. Yet I plan this time to not only drink in the words but to remove resistance to them and acquiesce in action unquestioningly. I will flow in resonance with my fellow retretees who are here to optimize their path to Allah.

The whys have to change to how’s and translate into action and the journey must begin.

I reach the lake; through the waning sun a swan gracefully glides through piercing sometimes reflecting the light…….how like my journey to be. On the far distant shore the cries of children camping come across the water as the large as flies mosquitoes search for open flesh of my face and hands to inject anesthesia and draw blood.

I hurry back as it will soon be time for Maghreb Salah…….the adhaan resounds in the hallway as I make my way down to the musallah and soon enough the Salah begins.

Then something magical happens, as the Sheikhs melodious voice falls and rises with the recitation of the fatiha, all the hearts in the room fall into the melodious grace of the Quran being recited. Not a fidget or a scratch mars this beautiful parade of hearts……..

How easy it seems, as for now as my forehead touches the carpet it feels like home, I am home, with my Lord and He is with me…….

3 thoughts on “A Reflection: Embarking on the ocean of the Heart…….

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