Every child is born to a mother and father who in our faith are designated the protectors and guide for their children. The babies are are delivered to them pure of any taint.

Babies are from jannah and their purity brings great joy to all who are in contact with them.

The parents have to protect the babies and little children until they are old enough and have been taught how to do so for themselves.

We live in the world of the seen and unseen, the spiritual and the wicked, the evil and the pure.

It is almost impossible to discern what is unseen, for example insects are seen, but microbes are unseen. Thus we take certain measures to protect our babies from the microbes and the debilitating diseases that they afflict.

Similarly Allah tells us that there are unseen forces in the environment. The two most powerful that we know off are Shayateen (plural of shaytaan) as every person has their own individual group of shaytaans that whisper to them or bother them.

The other is Jinns and a whole chapter in the Quran is dedicated to them titled Surah Jinn.  The Jinn’s are mixed as in “good jinn’s” who are like good Muslims and fear Allah and “bad” Jinn’s or mischievous Jinn’s that create fitna and fear in the humans.

Allah’s creation is immense and humans are just one part of it. In the Quran and the hadith, Allah has promised that we can seek refuge from the Shaytaan as well as from the Jinns and their minions by making certain duas to Him Subhanawataala  (invoking Allah) taught to us by Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

In every act that we perform even as something as natural as going to the bathroom there is a dua to protect us from the negative unseen forces that do not harm us physically but do affect our psyche and our balance of happiness and peace.

Thus for babies the parents have to do certain things to purify their surroundings.

Since Shaytans lurk in dirty place and in garbage and fecal material it is best to keep that out of the baby’s bedroom. Diaper pails and dirty diapers are best placed in the bathrooms and emptied quickly.

The baby’s room and the baby can be protected with Ayet al Kursi, and the four quls recited on a regular basis after each Salah, and off and on during the day in the baby’s room and around it.

At bedtime on reciting the Ayet al Kursi (verse of the Throne) we are told by RasulAllah pbuh that Allah appoints a guardian angel that releases our neck from Shaytaan and his minions and protects the baby from being whisked around in scary environments during sleep.

We know from the Quran that when we sleep our soul leave our bodies and can wander. Thus the guardian angel becomes essential as the baby’s soul can wander into scary places and perhaps may result sometimes in nightmares.

During the day, or night while entering the restroom recite the dua for entering the restroom listed in “The fortification of the Muslim” which is available on line as well as an APP for the iPhone.

Recite the three Quls after each salah for yourself and on your baby often.

At least once a week or more often recite the ayahs from the Quran that prevent the jinns from taking an abode in your home and or expel the Jinns from your home if they have done so, and bother your child, you or your spouse.  These ayahs have been collected by scholars in Pakistan under the name of “Manzil” and printed as such. There is no need to fear Jinns as they are also only Allah’s creation. We as muslims are instructed time and again in our Deen to only fear Allah.

When you dress your child or yourself recite the dua of dressing. (Fortification of the muslim)

Start everything with Bismillah because Allah says what begins with Bismillah has a good ending. Conclude with Alhamdollilah, gratitude and praise to Allah for what He gives us.

Eating is also a very natural part of a baby and child’s existence. When the food is served the Shaytaan allocated to duty for the baby sits beside him and if no Bismillah is read then he eats with the baby and gets strong and can needle the baby more effectively to the point of making the child miserable for no apparent reason.

Of course physical reasons for discomfort should be checked to ascertain reasons for crying while making it a habit to begin food and drink with Bismillah and end with Alhamdulillah.

When entering the house your personal Shaytaan and if the baby is with you its personal Shaytaan waits at the door with you to enter. If you say Bismillah the Shaytaans are disappointed and have to wait outside as they feel that by entering this house they will not have fertile ground to spread their discomforting whisperings and rile the child and thus the adults.

I am abbreviating and summarizing hadith and the Quran and the duas of daily living as taught to us by Prophet Muhammad pbuh and the reasons given in other hadiths.

Another method for parents is to stay in wudu after they use the toilet; this also keeps the shaytaan away.

Basically in order to have a peaceful life and to give protection to your child, you need to invoke Allah at every step of your life and definitely the daily acts of living such as eating, drinking and sleeping. Examples of this practiced by Prophet Muhammad pbuh are documented in The Fortification of the Muslim”

Inshallah this will bring you a lot of peace in your home life.

I am writing from study of these duas as well as personal experience of doing it.

One thing to remember is that once is not enough, just as the acts of daily living are repeated the duas have to be repeated with them. Hanging pictures of the dua is a reminder, but they still have to be recited so that they impregnate the air of your home with invocations of Allah seeking His refuge.

FiAmanallah on your journey towards purity, peace and protection for yourself and your children inshallah!

Ayet al Kursi (The verse of the Throne):

Surah Jinn:

Manzil Ayahs recited by Sheikh Al Mishary:


  1. Sukran Jazeelan the dua, is most helpful. Me and my family have for years been plaque by the ticking sounds of a clock even we not have one …And each year during October my husband lose his job and I get sick. But for the last two months I been reading and making the reCommended dua,s an Sukr Allah we got sick both of us but due to the grace and dua we have overconme Allah hu Akbar. Truly with Allah lays true Mercy Ameen


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