The giver of lifeInspired by the first teaching on the course on The Prophetic Medicines  at


The two important equations regarding health here are:

  1. Access and
  2. Optimal


ACCESS means that one already has resources but one has to access them.

OPTIMAL means that the functioning is it at the best possible level, not in overdrive nor in under drive.


Once we understand that we already have the access to the resources, we must search for the Sovereign Source that provides these to us.  Surprisingly enough these resources and their method of accessing may lie within our reach. Yet we may have a blind spot or distractions, which muddy the waters of our alertness and clarity of recognition. The darkest shadow is right beneath the lamp isn’t it?


  1. In order to access our resources we must search for them, recognize them and then access them, thus acquiring them in such a modality that they become an integral part of us inseparable and unalienable.
  2. In order to access our resources we must also recognize, acknowledge, appreciate and honor the Sovereign (Allah Subhanawataala) who has created us. He alone knows what is within us and is well informed of our needs and wants. He also holds the provisions of what makes our body run like a well-oiled machine ready to be accessed on request.
  3. In order to accept and honor our MAKER we must see, hear, feel and understand His attributes and their reflection in everything within us and around us
  4. In order to acknowledge with respectful recognition the attributes of our MAKER we also must allow our body and all the rhythms within it to fall into resonance with all the other life He has made around us. All that is His creation is already in resonance with His praise and recognition of His attributes.
  5. Resonance always brings peace and harmony to any human or machine. When resonance is lost and static happens, stress is created both in the atmosphere as well as within our body cells, which hanker to be in harmony but are being forced to go the other way.
  6. To access the resources to have an optimal health we need a resource book and an explainer.
  7. The resource book is the Quran, which cannot be googled to “health and optimal living” but has to be studied bit by bit while turning to the Sunnah for lab tests and field trips. If one needs to get a jump start with cliff notes one has to go to the Sunnah and blindly follow it no questions asked, similar to what we would do with Cliff notes where we do not ask for exact references and citations and accept the contents verbatim.
  8. Meanwhile the original text and the practicing of it has to be accessed by cracking open its code which is extremely personal. Thus every person reading it will benefit in his or her own individual way depending on where he or she is in the station of life.
  9. Access comes when the flow from the Quran and Sunnah becomes so familiar in the works and actions by repetition, cognition, and entreaty to Him that at some point the cells of the body respond to their Maker without coaxing and distraction.

The Light and liquidity of the Makers words as practiced by his Rasool enter into our body and our psyche righting what is wrong, taking away the pain and replacing it with the harmony and resonance with which it was created in perfection… a perfection that is a perfect fit for each individual at his or her needs.

10. The main question and challenge after one has attained access to the resources and imbued them within oneself………..what does one do? Of course some may die in the effort and never reach that point of optimal access. Nevertheless in the best possible and most optimistic scenario what does one do?

Does one paddle to keep that status quo or does one advance into the light till dust is dust and all that remains is light?

 To be continued……..





  1. So happy to read this. I wanted to take the course (I am guessing this is the new course offered by Sh. Nuh Ha Mim Keller?) but couldn’t make it this winter. So its great to be able to benefit from this summary. Allah bless you


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