Traversing the environs of the soul…….

Written to LD’s prompt: 


It is the wilderness inside me where I go to hide from my inadequacies that society sometimes reminds me of with a jab into my heart and soul. It is my safe haven, my refuge from all and asunder.

I have to trek quite a bit to reach it where I feel safe, and the flowers can crane their necks to seek the sun without the fear of being crushed by the foot of an ignoramus.

It is the wilderness inside of me where I know that if I persevere I can reach that grass y knoll where I can lay down my burdens and rest my soul.

LIGHT…abounds within the wilderness inside of me .

I see a snake and recognize it for what it is, I see an ant and recognize its intellect and organization and avoid the callous stamping of my feet. I see the glowing eyes of the tiger and the restless pacing of the cheetah in the wilderness inside me. I know that one-day with sufficient provocation they can leap and destroy the prey… I do not go out of my way to provoke them nor do I restrain them. They lurk in the deep green of the woods that circle the grassy knoll, waiting for the right time, place and person to attack.

Despite it being a wilderness, I love and cherish it t within me. It is a sacred place, teeming with a thousand possibilities, burgeoning into the desire to fruition, Some leave through my pen or my lips when I let them, those that want to lie in the grass, I have no problem letting them laze, reflect and contemplate.

I have to protect my wilderness just as you protect your habitat. Too many predators would like to invade my area, I am happy with the graceful movements of the cheetah within me restless and pacing. I respect the tiger occasionally roaring and then lying down, its green eyes scintillating reflecting the verdant forest are pools of wisdom. He is is never out of control, but many times lonely for its own kind. There is an occasional roaring from him, calling for a soul mate, it rings within the wilderness and eventually gets muffled in the dense forest, and there is silence waiting for a response that is yet to come……….

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