These instructions were written for my grandson,’s trip to the beach, I would like to share them with you and get your suggestions too:

Two hours before going to the beach, sit your baby in your lap and show him pictures of the beach, while telling him that he is going to the beach with you and the name of the beach. Mouth it so he can see your mouth.

Then bring his beach clothes out and pretend to be jumping in the water it will evoke his memory from the last time. Take him with you and pack his clothes and rubber ducky or whatever beach stuff in a bag and tell him we are going to the beach. (You can also make up a song and sing, “we are all ……going to the beach going to the beach to the tune of yellow submarine:)

Fifteen minutes before leaving take his bag with his beach clothes and toys (show them to him again) and place them in the car while you are carrying him.

It is important that all this while you talk to him about the process of the travel, the car, the road and the destination and carry him so that he sees the preparations and connects it with the travel.

Then before the last items are put in, show him the seat prepare it, milk, water, toys, but do not put him in it.

Finally say goodbye to the cats and then tell him say goodbye, we are going to the beach and then say goodbye to the toys, crib and finally house.

Separation rituals are very important for children and adults. When we don’t do them in the full form, it creates anxiety, anger, constriction and sadness.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh’s Sunnah is to stand at the door and bid goodbye to the person who is leaving till his transportation disappears from sight. It reflects love, caring and FeeAmanAllah i.e. placing the traveler in the protection of Allah Subhnawataala.

The separation ritual with a tapering off as you say goodbye, (not a very prolonged one, find a happy medium), gives comfort in the long run, even though acutely parting is painful.  Sudden cutting of the relationship with sudden departure hardens the heart.

I hope this helps prepare you all for travel:)


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