She looked trim in her blue uniform with the eagle insignia prominent on her upper sleeve. Medium height wearing a dark blue opaque hijab, her large dark eyes did not have that “up yours…” look that most African American women have when faced with a tough customer.

I had opted out from entering the machine that strips you naked to the bone and gives a freebie to watch to the monitor watchers. It was thrown out by the FDA at first pass to be unsafe but mysteriously the person who had reviewed it was fired and the machine was passed as safe and was installed in all the airports at the cost of multimillion dollars and the American public was told that it was safe and that it protected them from “terrorists”.  In front of me I saw a young girl walk in and raise her arms up like an erotic hustler model, while her image was rotated in 3 D somewhere.

This young African American Hijabi Muslim woman was to “pat” me down because I opted out. She started to read me my Miranda rights of the TSA, I interrupted her and said” I know all this, just do it quick before I miss my plane to home. “ I have to explain all of it to you,” she said no apologies included.

Thus began a 30-minute ordeal, which normally would have been completed in less than half the time, had it been a white American non Muslim TSA officer. Being Muslim and African American this poor young woman had to prove that not only was she thorough but intensely thorough and was not going to let a terrorist loose.

The other male TSA agent had already told me that I could not take the 220 grams of vacuum sealed marmalade home because it exceeded the limit, however I could go back and take my checked luggage out of the aircraft and place my small jam jar into it and then return to go over security again. I told him that was not possible now nor when I bought it because I had bought it from the duty free shop at which time my luggage was already in the bowels of the plane. He still was adamant so

I told him he could take it home as it would be a shame to trash it, and he said he was not taking it but that it was going to the eagle and he pointed to it on his shirt. Meanwhile this African American hijabi Muslim girl arrived and began my long, tedious and over careful “pat down”. She went over everything twice and sometimes three times. I went from exasperation to pity to anger and then back to pity.

This was my welcome to the USA from Scotland.

I felt exasperation because there was no commonsense on this charade; everyone knows what is double jeopardy. If someone attacked you in one way the likelihood of repeating it the same way is almost non-existent, except in the case of mental retardation and none of the terrorists so far have been in the IQ range of mental retardation as far as I can tell.

Never the less when she finished her “pat down” I realized she was being over careful as she had a triple whammy against her: African America, Muslim hijabi and a woman! All hits to take away her job at the slightest mistake.

As I walked towards the gate I was more upset about my marmalade made from Seville oranges in Scotland than the poor black hijabi Muslim girl who had to overdo her “pat down” to prove to her masters that she was being a good servant.

I wondered how long and how much the Muslims in American are going to be discriminated against and how similar it was to the condition of the Jews in Germany in Hitler’s regime prior to their deportation and the advent of the Second World War.

As I walked I thought about the criteria for immigration for a Muslim and wondered if the Muslims had reached that critical point yet.


2 thoughts on “THE TRIPLE WHAMMY……

  1. I’m so sorry this was your welcome home. I’m glad you took the time to vent here. I’m venting here with you–from my jetlagged position on the couch at 4 AM in California. And I’m sorry about the jam.


    • Laura. I too loved the trip to Scotland, it was worth the “welcome home” Got your note about Heathrow, all focused love and prayer helps:) I will write a more detailed note later inshallah. I am savoring the heather, the writing, your guidance and the company of all those wonderful charged minds and hearts.


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