An excellent schedule that was easy to follow if you downloaded the material ahead of time.


For Ummrah. And Itikaaf I suggest the following: (Courtesy Imam Al Homsi)

1- One hour of silent Dhikr every morning

2- One Juzu a day in Arabic.

3- Two juzu a day in English or Urdu (My take: Listen to it on Ipod)

4- Doing all the nawafel, 2 Ishraaq, 8 Duha (after Ishraq), 8 Awwabin (after Magrib, 8 Qiyamul layl (after Isha), 8 Tahajjud (before Fajr)

5- One monetary charity a day (my suggestion: one after each fard prayer)

6- One physical charity a day

7- Reading a whole book in Islamic Studies or spiritualities.(I perused sections of The Life of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH in urdu)

8- Listening to a whole set of audio lectures.(my take: Use Ipod)

9- list of duaas from the Quran or the hadeeth (I liked Munajaat-e- Maqbool or Accepted Whispers).

10- list of people that you make duaa for inshaa Allah (Keep with…

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