It was a phone call with a friend who after listening to all my worries about things that I have no power to change suggested that I start preparing for Ramadan.

The usual thought is to cook ahead of time.

The second sentence that sent me soul searching me was from my physical therapist: As she worked on my shoulder with an old injury, she asked “ how long does the effect of the therapy last?” and then when I told her how short lived it was she said: “your work must be very hard”

This gave me pause and a wave of understanding came over me………….

My body was using my old shoulder injury incurred at the Lisbon airport long time ago, to remind me that I needed to detox from the inside. To let go of old insecurities, to release the grief and look at it as it is and know that it is here to stay and to take each event from the past and forgive those who hurt me and most of all to forgive myself.

Thus for detoxing and preparing for Ramadan here are some thoughts and you all can tell me if I am on the right track:

    1. Prepare food
    2. Iron clothes for Taraweh
    3. Fill the gas tank for the car
    4. Buy dates for the downtown mosque
    5. Do not get distracted and start cooking Iftar for 60 people at the mosque.
    6. Arrange with someone to sponsor at least one Iftar for the Muslim prisoners
    7. Optimize office hours
    8. Try and do Qalula after office hours (5.15 till 6.30 when Asr begins)
    9. Think about what I want to wear for Eid
    11. Bookmark sites to listen to during Ramadan
      1. Make a plan to recite Quran and read translation daily to keep up with the Taraweh
      2. Download what I want to listen to.
      3. Enroll in the free Dawra Quran with
      4. Select CDs to listen in the car
      5. Choose the wirds for the tasbeeh and mark a time slot for them.
      6. DETOX
        1. Buy halal and tayyab: do the grocery shopping now
        2. Find duas to clean the Quloob
        3. Practice the exercises for Tazkiyah
        4. Recite the Quran
        5. Take each disease of the heart and ask Allah to protect me from it.
        6. Don’t worry about detoxing others or even family.
        7. Choose a meditative time during the day to reflect
        8. Don’t use a mushaf in Taraweh this time and try to internalize and experience the recitation of the Quran in Taraweh.

Thank you to both my friends who guided me to prepare for Ramadan and detox my outer and inner self.

Ramadan Mubarak!

PS forgive the number format , it just would not behave:(


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