SURAH IKHLAAS also known as Surah tawheed, surah nijaat, amaan, asaas, almaneya

It is one of two ikhlaas surahs (the other is al kafiroon) when Prophet Muhammad used to recite Surah al kafiroon in the first rakah then he read surah ikhlaas in second rakah.

Allah loves this Surah, two episodes where Prophet Muhammad affirmed this with two people who said they love this Surah. (The commander and the Imam of Quba)

Ikhlass is to purify

Prophet Muhammad pbuh is being addressed: Say that Allah is One, the only one.

Ahad is only used for Allah. (For public use of one is called wahid)

Allah is telling Prophet Muhammad, say that Allah is one, infinite, alone, infinite, there is no other. The message of the Quran is that Allah is ONE, and there is no other.

Other references are in Surah Ibrahim, Anaam, Maryam, Anbiya, and furqan.

Allah is be niaz, Samad is something that is solid inside, strong inside, there is no fake covering, He is bey niaz, FREE OF WANT OR NEED, is the meaning, the literal linguistic meaning is:

Solid, maqsood, (everyone refers to him) he does not need anyone, everyone is dependent on him and need him, he never has a downfall, he neither sleeps nor forgets, he has no defect, all refer to him, no one is above him, he is the supreme, he does not die and has no inheritors, no bad thing happens to him, he is always over everything. No calamity befalls him, he had no deficiencies. His attributes and being is perfect and complete, he is pure of any defect or deficiency or He is no fake cover. Allah is Bey Niaz.

(“Say:  He  is  Allaah  the  One *  Allaah  the  Self-Sufficient.” (Quran 112:1-2)

This means the One Who all of the creation depends upon for their needs and their requests.” ( Ikrimah reported that Ibn `Abbas said)

He neither begets nor is begotten. Not now, not ever, not in the past.

Surah Al Anaam: he has no child, no wife

There is no one equal to him (such as wife or friend)

The background is that : Some people came to Prophet Muhammad and they asked that tell us about the one you worship give us his background and his family tree, give us an introduction about his lineage. (This was the way arabs evaluated a persons worth)

Allah sent this surah as the answer for such questions.

Allah considers it an abusive word if someone says he has a child or son.

God concept in Islam: No shareek, no helper and No son, no progeny, no one like him.

This surah purifies one from Shirk.

Explanation by Nouman Ali Khan:




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