Quran- wedding prayers

It was six years ago that I began my journey with the Quran. I was a leaf being tossed on the sea of grief. Every morning like a sailor climbs to the top of the mast looking for land, I would open the online class of Dr Farhat Hashmi and listen to her soft-spoken tafsir of the Quran. I would then write how that would affect my life, and occasionally I would post it on this blog.

The Quran tafsir was a flashlight for me in the depth of a well of grief where there was no light, no desire to leave the darkness and no hope of ever doing so.

Little by little the verses of the Quran became my morning light and they got me through the day. Holding my hand sometime and giving me a push forward at other times, they became a part of my morning ritual without which my day would be incomplete.

Today I completed the Tafsir of the Quran and I feel bereft with the loss of my morning companion…. I gained insight, but I want to go back into it, the way it was, and let it hold my hand and give me the shoulder to weep on as it has done so in the past. I want it to remind me again and again that if I follow the path of Allah there is No fear and No grief………


  1. Dear Sister
    Assalamu alaikum.
    Alhamdulillah. Congratulations.
    I wish I could be like you in my journey with the grief as a constant companion. I have learnt to live with it but I couldnot dispel it alltogether. Being a surgery consultant dealing with death all the time, I see so many tragedies, so many broken dreams. Most of the time I feel fortunate that Allah had spared me so much pain during Nabeel’s illness. But at times the geysher of grief and loss is so overwhelming that I feel breathless. At those times I constantly utter Inna lillahe wa inna ilahe rajeun. You suggested that I do that, all most 5 years back. I am tryig and trying.
    Pray for my family sister.


    • Dear Brother Anis, you have your own special place with Allah as each of us does. You are doing remarkably well in your struggle with your grief. It never goes away but there is a promise of eternity of peace inshallah with your dear son.


    • Dear Mehmudah, Inshallah if you start tomorrow by listening to the tafsir at breakfast: audio Quran, before you know you will be waiting everyday for the time when you can be with Allahs word:) My duas are with you, just make the intention for tomorrow and watch how the doors open for you:) inshallah!


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