bismillah red and black 

[84:7] Sahih International

Then as for he who is given his record in his right hand,

[84:8] Sahih International

He will be judged with an easy account

[84:9] Sahih International

And return to his people in happiness.

TAFSEER BY Dr Farhat Hashmi:

Everyone will stand in front of Allah and his/her record will be evaluated.

Ayesha RA asked if that included “the people who were given their book of actions in their right hand?”

Prophet Muhammad pbuh said “Everyone will stand in front of Allah with his book of actions.”

Thus After Salah Propjet Muhammad used to recite this dua:

Allah humma hasibnee, hasabay yaseerah

Ayesha RA asked what does “hasabay yaseerah” mean?

Prophet Muhammad pbuh replied: Allah will look at his/her Amaal nama (the record of actions of an individual) and then forgive him or her.


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